Is natural, pure cosmetics better for your skin?

The ingredients of pure cosmetics come from nature. Active ingredients mainly come from flowers, plants and herbs. Read more about what natural cosmetics actually are.

Healthy, pure skin

Natural cosmetics have absolutely no place for chemical agents, such as synthetic aromas, dyes, parabens or heavy metals. Our products are also less likely to cause irritating reactions. Unless someone is sensitive or allergic to a component of course! Less pure products may contain ingredients with a hormone-disrupting effect, such as parabens. Such ingredients are absolutely absent in natural cosmetics. For example, there are fewer acne-like reactions and the skin remains calmer.

Safe composition of ingredients

The effect and effectiveness of natural cosmetics is perhaps even better than that of more traditional products. The lack of unnecessary additives and chemicals that your skin doesn't really like, plus the relatively high proportion of active ingredients in the high-quality natural cosmetic brands that we carry contributes strongly to this. The products are therefore not only safer, but when used correctly and structurally have at least the same and often a greater desired effect than many less pure brands.

Nice smell and texture

Is natural cosmetics pleasant to use? Does it smell good and does it feel soft? We often hear such questions and we are happy to put your mind at ease. Our products are easy to apply and process. Whether you like the scent or not, that remains very personal and is no different from non-pure brands. Our makeup and care products have a long shelf life due to the use of natural preservatives, such as essential oils, the avoidance of water combined with oil, fermentates and vacuum packaging.

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