Unfortunately there are still many (too many). Fortunately, more and more attention is being paid to pure ingredients in cosmetics. However, we also often see that a less fine ingredient - which has been negatively reported in the press, for example - is removed from a product, but is replaced by a lesser known ingredient that is just as harmful.

Common harmful ingredients

Click here for an overview of common harmful ingredients in cosmetics. In which products they are common. And why they are harmful

Don't put on your skin what you can't eat

We take this very literally. We are very strict when it comes to selecting products for our range. So that you can choose with confidence, without having to do hours of research first. That's our hobby ;-)

Must see

An animated film from 'The Story of Stuff' series. which shows in a smooth way that questionable ingredients are used in many of our daily care products - from lipstick to baby shampoo. And how this is still possible. The video is from 2010 but still relevant. Worth watching!