Why put on your skin what you can't eat? That's what I (Jeanine - founder of INDISHA) wondered when I studied the ingredient lists of cosmetics at the beginning of this century. A large part ends up in your body and many of those ingredients really don't make your body and skin happy.

I switched to pure, luxurious and effective. No synthetic preservatives such as parabens or phenoxyethanol, no petrochemical or other questionable ingredients, but organic ingredients and ingredients from untouched nature. High-quality cosmetics with the power of plants and fruit, manufactured with state-of-the-art technology.

Search for beautiful pure brands that work

It turned out not to be easy to find these brands. If this applied to me, it would certainly apply to many other people like me - busy job, little time, conscious, into organic, but beautiful luxurious products that work-.

I also like to sift through the ingredients list of many products to check whether a product is really pure, but that's a tick from me, which normally hardly anyone has the time or inclination for. Because I wish everyone healthy, beautiful organic cosmetics products, but wanted to save the search I had done for each product, I left my work as a successful independent marketing specialist behind me. And created with INDISHA, pure cosmetics & co a hospitable, warm place with the most beautiful and purest cosmetics products in the world. March 21, 2011 we opened our doors. Online & offline.

What is pure for INDISHA?

  • Free from harmful ingredients for humans and the environment
  • The highest possible percentage of organic ingredients or ingredients from untouched nature.
  • Cruelty free (obviously!)
  • Where relevant and possible fair trade.
  • Sustainable packaging materials.

We check all ingredients of products. Only when we are 100 percent convinced that a product is really pure do we include it in our range.

What makes INDISHA unique?

  • From March 2011 to May 2022 we combined a physical store, salon and webshop. Our professionals - all trained as a beautician, pedicure, sugaring specialist, manicurist, make-up artist or masseuse - have treated hundreds of people in the salon with the products in our range. And helped many customers in the physical store to find exactly the product that suits the customer. From June 2022 we are webshop only. But the experience from salon and physical store remains.
  • The purest cosmetics range in the Netherlands. With brands that you don't find in every store. We are really strict when it comes to brand purity. And have consciously opted for sophisticated organic face, skin and hair care brands that work entirely without synthetic preservatives. But super effective and - very important - sustainable! Not many brands can do this. The brands we have have therefore been developed by very clever minds.
  • Pure brands that do use synthetic preservatives are a step back for us. Even if they have an organic label. Because there are brands that can do it better.
  • Owner Jeanine loves to dive into scientific literature to find out to what extent an ingredient is pure or not.

    Brands that go beyond quality marks requirements

    Brands with an organic label may still contain up to five percent synthetic preservative. Because it is extremely difficult to make a pure, effective and shelf-stable product without this preservation. However, a number of bright minds have succeeded. These are not the best. Dr. Alkaitis, for example, worked with four Nobel Prize winners before starting his cosmetics line (now sold in the Netherlands under the name Abloom).

    The brands in our range are usually stricter than the requirements set by organic labels. They don't always have an organic quality mark, because they don't think it's strict enough! But do use organically certified ingredients.

    Passionate brands with a story

    Anne de Mamiel

    Many of the brands in our range originated from people's search for pure products that they couldn't find. And that is why we started developing ourselves (with a team of experts). With enormous drive and passion. You can read that in the stories behind the brands .

    Which brand suits you?

    Curious which brand of skin care suits you? And which products of this brand? Click here for the skin analysis test and receive tailor-made advice. The best fit for you is determined based on your skin type, age and personal preferences.

    In the press

    As a pioneer in the field of discovering and introducing truly pure cosmetics brands to the market, Jeanine is often asked to provide input for articles in VOGUE Nederland, JAN, Marie Claire, among others.

    Save Points

    With INDISHA's Pure Beauty Points you save for value vouchers, which give a discount on your purchases. You get points with every purchase, review or making a friend enthusiastic about INDISHA. Participation costs nothing. Click here for more info.

      Continuous new pure products

      A large part of our range is created by our own needs or questions from customers in the webshop, concept store or salon.

      • When Jeanine started INDISHA her two daughters were 2 and 4 years old. And loved to tut. Mama went looking for safe, healthy play make up .
      • For her sun holidays, Jeanine wanted pure sunscreen without synthetic filters, but not with that horrible white haze. So she started looking for alternatives .
      • Because setting up a company, in addition to a family, takes a lot of time, Jeanine no longer had time to have her hair colored regularly at the pure hairdresser. And searched for them until she found a good alternative for coloring at home .
      • Many customers ask for a day cream with sun protection . We went looking for that too.
      • The cosmetic acupuncture treatments included a pure fitting line developed from TCM. We found it in the Mamiel .

      Do you have a question or a brand that you think should not be missing from our range? Let me know!

      Nice to know

      • INDISHA is a combination of the names of founder Jeanine's daughters Indiara and Aïsha. At the start of INDISHA (2011), Jeanine hoped that by the time her daughters would buy cosmetics themselves, it would be quite normal for these to be pure, without all kinds of questionable ingredients.
      • Jeanine's daughters are now 15 and 17 years old. And don't want anything else than pure on their skin. In the Netherlands, pure cosmetics are now becoming more and more common.
      • Founder/owner Jeanine started her working career in 1998 as a marketer at L'Oreal in the Netherlands and Paris. And later worked as an interim marketer at Nivea and Labello, among others. This was before she knew about the questionable ingredients used in many cosmetic products.