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Natural cosmetics

That it is good to pursue sustainability by taking better care of our planet is something we can all stand behind. Choosing natural, preferably organic, cosmetics is a logical step. But what exactly is natural makeup?

Natural make-up and care products are made from sustainable raw materials . So of ingredients that do not exhaust an available stock. The method of production must also be friendly to people and the environment.


The scientific organization IPBES deals with biodiversity at the United Nations. So with the variety of plants and animals on earth. They have been sounding the alarm for years: Biodiversity has never been worse on earth. One million of the total eight million species of plants and animals are threatened with extinction. That is a threat to the survival of man and the earth. People extract so many raw materials from nature that it is impossible for nature to recover. Agriculture and urbanization are important causes for this. The climate is changing and pollution is increasing.

Contribute to sustainable cosmetics production

Natural, sustainable cosmetics brands use organic ingredients or purely natural ingredients as much as possible. These come from untouched nature, such as salt from the Dead Sea, algae or cleansing clays. Natural, organic make-up and care products are made with ingredients that are free from animal testing and genetically modified organisms (GMO). For example, GMOs are plants whose DNA has been modified by humans so that the properties change. Many ingredients are also purchased on a fair trade basis. So with respect for farmers and other producers of raw materials.

Do not choose harmful ingredients

The closer the components of cosmetics stay to their origin, the better it is for the world around us. Chemical ingredients are used in many cosmetic products, such as silicones, parabens, SLES, cocomidapropyl betaine, phthalates or toluene. These can be harmful to your body and the environment. After using a product, harmful ingredients accumulate in your body or wash out into the world. And end up in our drinking water, in the air and in our food. At INDISHA you will never find products with these ingredients. We take our motto: 'Don't put on your skin, what you can't eat' very literally when selecting products for our range.

Reusable or degradable packaging material

The cosmetic products that we sell at INDISHA consciously opt for sustainable packaging. These are made of recycled material, reusable and/or degradable, so that they can be recycled again and again. A large part also uses as little packaging material as possible. Plastic is not allowed as an ingredient in the products. Microbeads will therefore never be used in the products at INDISHA.

Science has not yet decided whether sustainable BPA-free plastic packaging or glass packaging is better for the environment. The production of new glass takes a lot of energy. Transport is also more expensive, because glass is heavier. However, glass can be recycled indefinitely. A number of our brands opt for glass, some for sustainable plastic or other material.

All these choices are relatively expensive, but contribute to a more sustainable world. So by choosing pure make-up brands and care products, you make an important contribution to a better world.

Knowing more?

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