A Radiant Autumn Skin - That's how you do it!

Do you recognize it? Your skin suddenly looks a lot less good in the fall. And feels less nice. Dull, drier, tighter, more visible pigment spots, more impurities. No matter how well you take care of your skin in the summer, those wonderful (sunny) summer months also take their toll on the skin.

In addition, the air is usually drier in the autumn and winter months. If inside the heating comes on all the way. Extra work to be done for your skin to stay well hydrated. In this blog tips for a radiant autumn skin!

Strengthen your skin barrier

Sun, sea, swimming pool, air conditioning are an attack on your skin barrier. And it ensures that your skin retains moisture better and unwanted intruders do not enter your skin so easily. The skin scans we do all year round often show that the skin barrier of most people, whatever the season, is already not optimal. External summer factors do not help to improve it.

A good skin oil or cream with skin protective fats is therefore not an unnecessary luxury for your skin. For example, jojoba oil has a composition that is similar to your own skin fats. The skin's own ceramides or squalene are also skin barrier fats. You can find these, for example, in the Dr Baumann Liposome Ceramide products, Ceramide creams or Shankara's facial oils. But other natural oils and fats also help improve your skin barrier.

Do you use a lighter face cream in the summer? Replace this in the autumn and winter months with a somewhat fuller cream. Or mix your cream with a pump of facial oil. These are super advanced these days, absorb quickly, without making your skin shiny. Our selection of super pure facial oils can be found here .

If you suffer from very dry skin, the Skin Recovery Blend from deMamiel will do wonders. Developed from more than 10 years of practical experience in improving dry skin.

Strengthening your skin barrier from the inside is also possible. LaVieSage has specially developed the SkinBalance for this. With a high dose of essential (omega 3) fatty acids, vitamin A, vitamin E and power carotenoid astaxanthin from algae.

Tip: if you don't mix your facial oil with a cream, apply the facial oil to the skin last. So that you optimally retain moisture.

Restore your skin

Your supply of anti-oxidants such as vitamins C, A and E has probably shrunk considerably during the summer months . UV radiation calls on your antioxidants to protect your skin. And to prevent the development of skin-aging free radicals. Autumn is the time to replenish them and immediately repair any sun damage where possible.

  • In the ingredients list, vitamin A is often listed as retinol or retinyl palmitate. Retinol is stronger, but can cause irritation faster. Retinyl palmitate does not. Vitamin A can also be found in skin care products as carotene. Carotenes are, in fact, provitamin A's. They are converted into Vitamin A in your body, according to your skin's needs. This way you can never lubricate too much.
  • Vitamin E can be found in the ingredient list as Tocopherol. Or in oils rich in Vitamin E such as jojoba oil, wheat germ oil, sunflower oil and almond oil.
  • Vitamin C is listed in the ingredient list as an ascorbyl form. Or 'hidden' in one of the berry, citrus or other fruit extracts.

Hydrate and hydrate again

Hydration is done partly by strengthening your skin barrier. You ensure that moisture stays in your skin instead of leaving your skin. Make sure you replenish moisture from the inside by drinking enough (water). Preferably at room temperature or warm.

A tip that we have already made many people happy with to boost the hydration of your skin is to apply a layer of moisturizing mask under your day cream. For example, Dr Hauschka Hydrating Mask or Shankara's Moisturizing Mask .

Do you only use a cream or oil? You'll be amazed at what adding a hydrating serum, toner or lotion as an extra step to your skincare routine does for your skin. Your skin feels a lot less tight. Try it. You can find those from our range here .

Dr Baumann's Liposome products even provide scientifically proven hydration. Optimal hydration after seven days of use for the most concentrated SkinIdent Liposomes and 21 days for those of the Classic line.

NB: You can only access Dr Baumann products with a password - please contact us. You can also use the online chat function.

Hyaluronic acid (sodium hyaluronate) and algae in skin care also have a strong moisturizing effect. When you see how much water a dried piece of seaweed can absorb and hold, you may be able to imagine what algae extract can do for your skin. Many Abloom Skincare products contain algae extracts.

Refresh dull skin

In the summer your skin 'collects' dead skin cells. They can make your skin look dull. A mild soft peeling or scrub removes dead skin cells and refreshes your skin. Never scrub too hard with a scrub or peeling, as this will damage your outer layer of skin. And that's exactly what you don't want.

I still think the Enzyme Peeling from Abloom Skincare is a smart and also very skin-friendly peeling. You put it on as a mask. Enzymes from papaya and pineapple provide a natural peeling while the mask is working.

The buildup of dead skin cells can also clog your sebaceous glands, causing breakouts. In addition to a gentle peeling, a cleansing mask or daily deep cleansers such as Abloom's Purifying Cleanser or Dr Hauschka's Cleaning Cream can make your skin wonderfully clean again.

Fade pigment spots

Are your pigment spots bothering you? A Chinese Green Herbal peeling is a natural, but in-depth peeling that can help reduce your pigment spots. Autumn and winter are good seasons for this peeling, because the sun shines less. You remove a small layer of your skin, making it more vulnerable. An occasional peel like this is okay. I am not in favor of frequent 'firm' peeling. Research shows that your cell division is not infinite. After every peeling you rebuild your skin through cell division, but that will come to an end. Which makes your skin age faster.

Niacinamide, vitamin C are some active ingredients in cosmetics products or as a loose active ingredient for your skin, which can fade pigment spots. You can read more about natural remedies for pigment spots in this blog.

Keep protecting

The solar power is less in autumn and winter than in summer. But even then there is still UV radiation. We desperately need this to produce the much needed vitamin D for our (skin) health. But UV radiation also causes faster skin aging. If you want to delay the latter, use a factor in the fall as well. Preferably a natural one. For example , Hynt Beauty's SunPrep with SPF 25 . Or the INIKA Mineral Powder Foundation with SPF 25, an even complexion and sun protection in one. Did you know that many natural facial oils and creams themselves have an SPF between 4 and 7? This is due to the protective power of the cold-pressed oils. In nature, plants also have to protect themselves against the influence of the sun. This protection goes along with the oils.

Take vitamin D3 in the fall/winter anyway, because you hardly ever get enough of it through the sun alone.

Enjoy autumn and your skin!