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Werfzeep's shampoo soap gently washes your hair. Avocado, castor and neem oil keep your scalp healthy. Honey makes your hair... lees meer
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Werfzeep's shampoo soap gently washes your hair. Avocado, castor and neem oil keep your scalp healthy. Honey makes your hair... lees meer
€7,95 €8,25

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Werfzeep's shampoo soap gently washes your hair. Avocado, castor and neem oil keep your scalp healthy. Honey makes your hair nice and soft. Because synthetic smoothers are missing, your hair regains its natural volume. This hair soap smells of the combination of neem oil, eucalyptus, lavender and carrot and coriander seeds.

The Werfzeep shampoo soap often soothes an irritated scalp, dandruff disappears or reduces, lifeless hair regains its own volume and frizzy hair becomes less dry.


  • The shampoo can be used by rubbing the bar of soap over your hair. This way you get a lot of foam. Less thorough can also be done by foaming the soap between your hands and then massaging the foam through your hair.
  • It may take some time before washing with the shampoo soap works, although most hairstyles are immediately happy with it.
  • If your hair feels a bit stiff after washing, it probably has to do with lime. You can remedy this by rinsing with apple cider vinegar. This prevents soap with lime from the water from remaining on your hair and scalp. Apple cider vinegar also gives shine and is also very healthy for your scalp.
  • If you switch from regular shampoo to natural hair shampoo soap, your hair may not immediately feel smooth. But how greasy. This is because regular hair care products usually contain silicones. They make the hair feel shiny and smooth, but remain on your hair. You wash that layer off slowly with the shampoo soap. Your scalp also sometimes needs to come back into balance (detoxification).
  • Tip: use a hair rinse after use with long hair. For example, the Werfzeep 'recipe' for apple cider vinegar hair rinse

User comments

Werfzeep shampoo gives varying reactions to all types of hair, uncolored or dyed, dry or oily, short or long, blond or dark. We have super enthusiastic users who want nothing else. But also people - especially with very long and / or chemically dyed hair - who have difficulty with the shampoo soap. Because of the stiff feeling that doesn't disappear quickly enough.

The only way to find out if you like the soap is to try it yourself. If you don't like the soap for your hair, use it as a shower soap. All ingredients are also great for your skin.


Photos: Castor and cajeput

Castor (Ricinus Communis L.) - Miracle tree
A plant called a miracle tree can only have beneficial effects. The oil that the seeds, or castor beans, are rich in is also known as castor oil, or castor oil. Castor oil is a very fatty, thick oil, it contains triglycerides, tricinolein, ricin coleic acid, oleic acid, linoleic acid. The oil helps the skin retain moisture and protects against external influences. It also helps reduce swelling.

Werfzeep's castor oil comes from miracle trees that are organically grown in India. Castor oil is obtained from the seeds by cold pressing. It is certified organic by the Soil Association .

Cajeput ( Melaleuca leucadendron)
The oil of the cajeput tree has a stimulating and purifying effect. It has a mild antiseptic and analgesic effect, making it good for incipient infections such as colds and even cystitis. It can help with psoriasis, rheumatic pains and inflamed skin due to acne. Due to its stimulating effect, cajeput oil is also used in muscle remedies such as tiger balm.

The cajeput oil that Werfzeep uses comes from organically grown trees in Vietnam. The essential oil is obtained from the leaves and twigs by steam distillation food grade and certified organic by the Soil Association.

Cajeput, also known as swamp tea tree and kajepoeti, is related to tea tree. Both are therefore originally from Australia and have essential oils that are somewhat similar in effect.

Saponified oils of coconut* olive*, neem*, cocoa butter* and shea butter*; water; essential oils of lavender*, eucalyptus*, coriander seed*, cajeput*, peppermint* and carrot seed*, castor oil*, heather honey × .

INCI: sodicum cocoate*, sodium olivate*, aqua, sodium neemate*, sodiaum cocao butterate*, sodium shea butterate*, aroma , ricinus communis oil*, mel × , linalool o , limonene o , geraniol o .
* from certified organic origin, × of the beekeeper,  organic essential oils, o natural component of essential oils. Palm oil free.

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