Facts & Figures
  • Bestaat sinds: 2010
  • Komt uit: Nederland
  • Oprichters: Stephan Zeijlemaker & Rob van den Dool


YUMEKO is the sustainable alternative when it comes to sleeping and bathing well. The green choice in pillows, duvets, bed linen, blankets, towels in all sizes and bath mats. YUMEKO only uses the most beautiful and tastiest, natural materials of the highest quality. Moreover, YUMEKO's products are made with respect for people, animals and the planet. With an eco and/or fair trade certificate. And no more expensive than products of comparable quality that are not eco. This can be done through an efficient distribution method.

How organic is YUMEKO?
Many of the products around us are made in a way that is bad for people, animals and the environment. This also applies to duvets, pillows and bed and bath linen. And that is not necessary at all. YUMEKO wants to show that a good night's sleep and bathing can be beautiful, eco-friendly and affordable. So without poison, without child labor and without animals suffering for it. It sleeps and bathes much better. And it is better for the cotton farmers, their children, the ducks, the sheep, the land, the rivers and the air. And healthier and therefore better for ourselves and our children.

The GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certificate guarantees that YUMEKO's cotton and our wool are purely organic. The entire chain, from cotton plant and sheep to duvet cover and comforter, meets the strictest organic requirements.

The Fairtrade certificate guarantees that YUMEKO pays the cotton farmers and the craftsmen who make YUMEKO's products fair wages. They receive a pension and health insurance and work normal working hours. Women are treated the same as men within the cotton cooperatives, from voting rights to equal pay.

Other interesting facts
YUMEKO's products are of very high quality, but affordable, so that as many people as possible can sleep eco.

Yumeko is a Japanese girl name consisting of the words Yume and Ko. They mean "dream child" or "dream girl" and we find that very appropriate for what we do. A dream that we want to make a reality together with you.

Now that we are webshop/event only. And we no longer have a physical store, we no longer have YUMEKO in our range. On YUMEKO's website or in the store in Amsterdam you can shop honestly!