West Lab

Westlab started as a small-scale company, specialized in top quality beauty salt: Himalayan, Dead Sea, Epsom (Epsom salts) and Magnesium Flakes. But now it has grown into a leading company in the field of beauty salt products. With the same passion and commitment as in the beginning.

The salt used by WestLab in its products is of the highest quality available. The Himalayan salt can be used both in the bath and in the kitchen. The Epsom salt is very suitable for internal detoxification cures. And comes from the renowned Zechstein source (underground salt lakes near Veendam in the Netherlands). With the Magnesium Flakes you supplement the magnesium content in your body. In the UK you can undergo treatments with the salts in the WestLab Salt Rooms near London.

In addition to the basic salts, the range nowadays consists of a range of salt products. The packaging has also moved with the times. They don't look out of place in your bathroom. After all, the eye also wants something.