Facts & Figures
  • Bestaat sinds: 2010
  • Komt uit: Nederland
  • Oprichter: Evelien van Zonneveld


Werfzeep is a traditional organic soap factory. Who makes beautiful, mild, rich and very caring soaps by hand. Soaps that support the skin, instead of disrupting the natural regeneration process. Only the best, honest raw materials are used for the soaps. No petrochemical ingredients, synthetic preservatives or partum, skin-aggressive foam improvers or solvents. Founder Evelien got a dry, tight, burning skin from regular soap and also shower gel. Years ago, when she worked on a Canadian farm where her own soap was made, it turned out that this soap not only made her skin clean but also super soft. This was a new discovery. Evelien dived into the world of soap; making soap, developing recipes, vegetable ingredients and their beneficial properties and, above all, the difference between vegetable and synthetic raw materials. Werfzeep was born.

How organic - pure is the line?
Much more than just organic!

  • All oils, including the essential oils used, are certified organic. So without possible chemical residue.
  • The oils are cold-pressed, the beeswax cold-pressed, cocoa butter cold-pressed, so that the pure scent and beneficial properties are preserved.
  • The organic essential oil is so pure that it food grade is suitable for use in the kitchen to enrich dishes. Normally essential oils are tampered with a lot, they can therefore contain harmful substances and are almost always suitable for external use only.
  • A number of herbs for the soap are grown in Werfzeep's own herb garden. With seeds from the biodynamic seed company De Bolster.
  • Because the production of soybean oil, palm oil and rosewood oil displaces rainforests, they are not used.
  • Raw materials extracted from petroleum, synthetic perfumes, animal fats, preservatives, emulsifiers, solvents or pure alcohol are also excluded as an ingredient for a soap.
  • With its purchasing policy, Werfzeep supports many parties that can use that support: fair trade companies, care farm, sheltered workshop

Cruelty free and hypoallergenic
Of course the soaps have not been tested on animals, Evelien is her own guinea pig with her (allergy) sensitive skin. When the raw materials of care products are pure and unprocessed, allergies to a chemical residue can be ruled out. In addition, the beneficial properties of the raw materials are preserved in organic production methods.

What makes Werfzeep products special?

  • The purity of the soaps; for example, the olive soap only contains saponified olive oil and the coconut soap only contains saponified coconut oil. No ingredients from the petrochemical industry are used, no artificial preservatives, no synthetic perfumes, emulsifiers or solvents.
  • The lineage of ingredients for the soap: such as herbs from our own herb garden, blossom from the Wickenburgh forest, organic chocolate from Mesjokke from Utrecht, honey soap with honey, beeswax and propolis directly from the beekeeper, rose soap with very precious Damascus rose oil, buttermilk soap with biodynamic buttermilk from care farm De Honsel, creamy cold-pressed cocoa butter, organic & fair trade coconut oil and shea butter, fair trade olive oil.
  • Food grade essential oils.
  • Collaboration with a social work place (next to the Werfzeep workshop) for packaging the soaps and a care farm for the buttermilk.
  • The shaving soap , about which we regularly hear that this is the only soap that has convinced a user of chemical shaving products that shaving can also be done without chemicals!
  • No plastic, transparent cover because of the 'plastic mountain'


More about Evelyn

She has very sensitive skin and atopic eczema since baby. Evelien has been prescribed all available hormone ointments for this in the past, which mainly combat symptoms but not the cause of the ailment. Hormone ointments also often cause thinner, therefore more vulnerable skin. For Evelien it was a relief that there are care products that did not cause a burning, tight feeling.

Other interesting facts
Werfzeep started in a historic wharf cellar on the Oudegracht in Utrecht. Hence the name. Werfzeep is now located at the Werfkade in Utrecht via a stopover in the Wickenburgh forest. And Evelien runs Werfzeep together with her partner Laurens.

Why not unpackaged bars of soap like Lush?
Because then the essential oils that give the soap the scent evaporate. Only by adding synthetic ingredients does the scent 'linger' for a long time when displayed without a wrapper.

A peek into the kitchen - cutting soap

Cutting Soap from Werfzeep on Vimeo .