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  • Alf Orpen:Alf Orpen
  • Bestaat sinds: 2003
  • John Hunter:John Hunter
  • Komt uit: Australie
  • Oprichters: Narelle & Colin Chenery


Browsing through a dictionary of cosmetic ingredients, Narelle Chenery was shocked to learn that many of the ingredients in the natural skincare line she used weren't exactly healthy. Even though terms such as 'derived from coconut or palm' suggested otherwise. And claimed the line 'the best products from science and nature, without any unnatural ingredients at all!' to make. It was 1992.

Apparently there was nothing on the market that was truly pure, so Narelle started developing her own products. The more she developed and delved into ingredients, the more she discovered what nature had to offer. And the more concerned she became about all the toxic ingredients that most cosmetic products contain.

Publications she wrote about this were featured in major natural health titles. This caught the attention of entrepreneur/investor Alf Orpen. He approached Narelle in 1999 with the challenge of developing an organically certified skin care line.

Colleagues and critics from the beauty industry believed that she would never be able to develop an organic, shelf-stable line without the use of some chemical preservatives. But in January 2001, after 18 months of intensive research and development + a subsidy from the government, the time had come. MiEssence stood. A 100% pure, certified organic skincare and cosmetics line.

How organic/pure is the line?
Super organic. Every step in the entire production process - from harvest to packaging - is strictly controlled. Only officially certified organic ingredients are used. Every product that leaves the warehouse has first undergone extensive quality checks. Each product is certified organic according to international standards food standards of globally respected certification institutes such as the ACO (Australin Certified Organic), USDA (US Department of Agriculture) and IFOAM (Europe). All products are 'raw', the power of living plant ingredients remains intact, for maximum effect of the product. Ingredients from developing countries always come from organic fair trade farms.

Packaging material is non-toxic, non-environmentally harmful and meets organic certification standards. Reusable energy is used in the offices and production facilities of MiEssence.

The entire MiEssence chain of delivery, manufacturing and delivery is 110% certified carbon negative. This means that MiEssence compensates more than is used in its entire manufacturing, transport and promotion process!

What makes the MiEssence products special?
All products are delivered as 'fresh' as ​​possible, not long after production. All products are made in a unique 'cold' production process, so that the potency of workable, living plant ingredients remains intact. Due to the unique production process, the products have a long shelf life.

More about Narelle
Narelle's great wish is to create a line + to create awareness among consumers. To revolutionize the health and beauty industry. A complete range of organically certified lifestyle products in the field of skin care, cosmetics, supplements and household products. And awareness by narrowing the information gap in the market. With the uninformed consumer on the one hand and the large international companies with huge budgets on the other. “Once consumers realize that health and beauty are inextricably linked, they will have to seriously question those unpronounceable ingredients in their 'beauty' products. We, as consumers, are incredibly powerful. Most of the time we just don't realize it!" she says.

Other interesting facts
The term organic in cosmetics is less far-reaching than organic in food. The MiEssence products meet three organic standards:
- Certified organic - food grade
- Certified organic - cosmetics
- Made with certified organic ingredients - registered organic ingredients - products.

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