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  • Bestaat sinds: 2016
  • Komt uit: Nederland
  • Oprichter: Linda Bot

Loveli Deodorant

Years ago, after her mother was advised to stop using aluminum deodorants because of breast cancer, Loveli founder Linda Bot started looking for an alternative that worked. She couldn't find one. So decided to get started myself. With the goal of making great, effective products that are natural and luxurious. She followed a Cosmetic Formulator course and started working with a team of experts. The first result: an aluminum-free deodorant that works and looks good. Many other products followed after that.

How pure is the line?

Very pure! With her mother's illness in mind, the realization that 60 percent of what you put on your body goes into your body. And most cosmetics ingredients are not really edible. Marketer Linda decided to combine pure, effective and luxurious. Since non-organic ingredients usually contain questionable chemicals (such as pesticides), organic is Linda's absolute preference. Only the white beeswax of the deodorant is not organic, because it is difficult to obtain in an organic version. It is completely free of toxins. Sodium bicarbonate is a 'wild crafted' ingredient. That cannot have an organic label.

Since Loveli is still a small company, it will not always be possible to purchase all ingredients organically. Some are only available in large bulk quantities. In that case, Linda always looks for the purest natural alternative.

Another wish is biodegradable packaging. Which can go on the compost heap. That is not yet feasible on the current scale. Until then, at least recyclable materials. And the deo has a refill, which saves waste.

What makes the Loveli products special?
The combination 'made in Holland', pure, effective and luxurious. No synthetic preservatives or other questionable ingredients.

More about Linda Bot
The champagne life. Nature's way. Linda dream. A world in which we work together with nature again. Because we ourselves are nature. A life in which we enjoy. And spoil ourselves and each other. A world where companies work together with nature to make great things that make life fun. Which are both natural and luxurious. Because that is better for the earth, for ourselves and for our lives.

Linda is a marketer by trade. With a passion for nature. And a huge obsession to create products that combine luxury and purity. She can spend nearly 24 hours reading about ingredients, shopping and product development in her lab-turned-shed,

Other interesting facts
Linda won the Marie Claire Starters Award in 2016 with her Loveli line. In development: a body wash, body lotion, face wash, shampoo, face mist and face oil.