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  • Bestaat sinds: 2005
  • Komt uit: Nederland
  • Oprichters: Erik-Alexander Richter & Frank Slangen


Nutricosmetics is concentrated power food for your skin. For beautiful skin from the inside out! After all, your skin is built from the inside out. LaVieSage's nutricosmetics are of a very high quality and contain a high concentration of active ingredients. What it takes to actually do something for your skin.

They care for, rejuvenate and/or improve your skin. And even provide sun protection from the inside out. Taken in the right dose and ratio + in combination with other nutrients (nutrients) they can ensure long-lasting beautiful and healthy skin.

LaVieSage is a pioneer in nutricosmetics. And is only satisfied with high-quality, effective products. At INDISHA, we've been working with LaVieSage from the very beginning. We see wonderful results. Also for skin problems such as sun allergy or rosacea.

Three product lines

Anti-Aging (blue packaging line)
Powerful formulas for skin and body care that counteract wrinkles and skin aging, help improve skin structure, strengthen connective tissue, protect against UV radiation, etc. The result is beautiful, richly nourished, firm skin that is well hydrated and healthy.

Skin Health (red packaging line)
Skin care and body care products with essential nutrients that contribute to keeping and improving the skin in various skin conditions such as pigment spots, inflammation sensitivity, dry, red or impure skin.

Vitality (green packaging line)
Supplements that effectively ensure the proper functioning of the metabolism (metabolism) and the immune system. Increasing resistance, giving the body more energy and recovery capacity and keeping joints flexible.

Note: Some of the LaVieSage Vitality products continue under the Nutramin brand. Nutramin makes nutritional supplements for the professional sector and acquired LaVieSage. That is why you see a number of Nutramin products in our webshop.

You can read more information in the LaVieSage product brochure

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