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  • Bestaat sinds: 2016
  • Komt uit: Ibiza
  • Oprichter: Isabel Dumas

ISA - Ibiza Softens Age

Posidonia Oceanica Ibiza Softens Age is a 100% natural line from Ibiza developed by phytotherapist and beautician Isabel Duras. The basis of the line is 'super skin food' Posidonia Oceanica (PO). A UNESCO-protected eelgrass that grows in the Mediterranean. Only in places with clean water. PO is rich in oxygen and anti-aging vitamins A, E and C. It also contains important trace elements for healthy body functions (eg chromium or copper). A special property of the plant is that it inhibits skin aging. By slowing down the process of accelerated cell division - the cause of a decrease in elasticity and firmness of the skin and the development of wrinkles, among other things.

How pure is the line?
Very pure! The ingredients are certified organic or from untouched nature. Ingredients are processed 'raw', so that the active substances continue to do their job. The 'leaves' of the Posidonia Oceanica used for the line are picked and processed manually by Isabel's team. Picking is done very carefully, without damaging the mother plant. So that it just continues to grow. Of course, the line or the ingredients used are not tested on animals. Which wouldn't even matter in this case, because all ingredients are super pure! The Ibiza Softens Age cream contains a very small amount of natural potassium sorbate as a preservative, which is permitted by organic labels.

The wood used for the packaging is PEFC certified. This means that it is organic and comes from sustainable forests.

What makes the ISA products special?
The most special is of course the use of extract and hydrolate of Posidonia Oceanica plant. 50 percent of the ISA day cream consists of Posidonia Oceanica elements. And the fact that it is still harvested manually by Isabel's team in Ibiza. Harvesting one day yields only about 1 kilo of plant! The ISA products combine the power of both sea and land!

Isabel about Posidonia Oceanica and the harvest of the leaves

More about Isabel Dumas
Isabel Dumas moved to Ibiza in the early 2000s. Where she has a small organic farm with her family. And as a phytotherapist and beautician researching the positive effect of plants and herbs on different skin types and skin problems. Isabel has been busy for 10 years with the development of the Ibiza Softens Age cream! Because she only wanted a very pure, but stable cream. Which was a challenge even for the very experienced labs she worked with. But Isabel let them search and experiment with ingredients until they succeeded. Isabel is training to become a biochemist.

I first met Isabel (Jeanine) in January 2019 at our store. I was immediately 'grabbed' by the enormous passion and drive she has. And know-how! A beautiful, authentic woman. With a genuine interest in and passion for what the power of nature can do for our skin.

Other interesting facts
One euro of the proceeds per product goes to the Ibiza Preservation Fund, which finances nature conservation projects in Ibiza and Formentera.

The Posidiona Oceanica plant is a UNESCO heritage site, as it is vital to marine life - more than 400 plant and more than 1000 animal species live among the leaves of the PO. Some live only where PO grows. The leaves of PO produce four to 20 liters of oxygen per square meter! And are therefore one of the most important sources of oxygen in the Mediterranean. Read more in the blog 'Why do we need to protect the Posidonia Oceanica'