Facts & Figures
  • Bestaat sinds: 2010
  • Komt uit: Amerika
  • Oprichters: Corrie Colbert & Neil Stuber


"It's not about us. Since 2010, we make our balms with only one thing in mind: you! "  Let's put the concept first, for profit making, the user for the creator and the collective for the individual. That is the humble opinion of founders Corrie and Neil van Hurraw! Priority for the founders is to develop the perfect lip balm - the best on the market. A great product that can be used by anyone, regardless of lifestyle.

How organic - pure is the line
Very organic. 100% natural. fairtrade, vegan. raw, as much as possible organic and ingredients from untouched nature. To monitor the quality and integrity of the products, Hurraw! products developed and produced in/according to a NOP (USA standard for organic certification) and EcoCert certified production space and methodology.

Without parrafinum liquidum or petrolatum from the petrochemical industry, which will dry out your lips over time. With organic protective, soothing and healing oils such as almond, coconut, jojoba, cocoa butter. Only natural flavors (you can taste it!).

Truly Fair Trade! The founders think it's super important to support small organic farmers. They know exactly where the ingredients come from, when they were harvested, who harvested them and how they were harvested.

What makes Hurraw! special?
The fact alone that the founders are completely committed to making the best lip balm possible. No other products, only lip balm. A top quality vegan lip balm. Not sticky, never gritty, long shelf life. Packaging that does not slip out of your pocket. And has control over the entire production chain. From ingredient cultivation to end product.

This shows that the brand does not put commerce first. A lip balm with petrolatum or paraffium liquidum is addictive - you need more and more to achieve results, because this ingredient makes your lips 'lazy'. The Hurraw! balms ensure that your lips are strengthened in their natural function. You don't always need the balm (even though most of them taste addictive ;-)).

More about Corrie and Neil
Corrie has a background and Master of Fine Arts in photography. She is vegan. For her it is super important to always use vegan products. And she couldn't find a good vegan lip balm. After moving from NYC to Montana, with a dry climate, Corrie started to suffer from dry lips. She had to find her ideal lip balm; vegan and with raw ingredients. That didn't work, so she decided to make her own lip balm. The beginning of Hurraw!

Neil, Corrie's husband, has the Hurraw! house style designed.

Other interesting facts
Corrie was looking for a name for her lip balm brand that was easy to remember, fun and enthusiastic, and hinted at the fact that the products are made from raw ingredients. The name Hurraw! popped up in her head in the middle of the night.