Fresh Therapies

As a beautician, Nicola Dickinson, founder & owner of Fresh Therapies, frequently washed her hands with an antibacterial soap. Her nails were brittle, weak and dried out as a result. Around her, she very often heard from others: "My nails are terrible." Hardly anyone was enthusiastic about the smell of nail polish removers, including people who worked in a (nail) salon.

There had to be a solution for this. Fresh Therapies natural nail care was born

How pure is the line?
Very pure. All products are skin & environment friendly. The protective layer on your nails is not stripped by the remover. Plastic-free packaging is used wherever possible. The products are biodegradable. Without any petrochemical solvent (such as acetone). You smell that!

What makes the Fresh Therapies products special?
Pure products that work. It's not easy to make a nail polish remover that is pure & works! And also take care of your nails. The Fresh Therapies remover even smells nice and fresh.

Other interesting facts
The Fresh Therapies line has already won many awards!

Founder & owner Nicola Dickinson