Facts & Figures
  • Bestaat sinds: 1981
  • Komt uit: Duitsland
  • Oprichter: Elisabeth Sigmund

Dr. Hauschka Makeup

From nature for people

The Dr Hauschka history begins in 1935. That's when Dr. Rudolf Hauschka founded the company WALA and started the production of WALA medicines. In addition to these medicines, Rudolf Hauschka, together with Elisabeth Sigmund, laid the foundation for Dr. Hauschka Cosmetics in 1967, after which the cosmetics line became increasingly important for WALA. From 1981, make-up products were added to the Dr Hauschka Cosmetics line.

Dr.Hauschka Cosmetics are based on the principles of anthroposophical medicine and are composed of beneficial plants and natural ingredients that are produced using a rhythmic process developed by Rudolf Hauschka.

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