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  • Bestaat sinds: 2016
  • Komt uit: Nederland
  • Oprichter: Boy Stein

Abloom Skincare

Abloom is organic, vegan, not tested on animals and 'Slow Skincare'. The products are manufactured in a delicate 3-month artisanal process. The highest quality, organic ingredients and ingredients from untouched nature are transformed into very powerful skin care products. The process starts with the careful selection of flowers, herbs, algae and plants, known for their healing and nourishing botanical effect. These are cold pressed up to three times. To release the active substances. Extracts are never heated above body temperature to preserve the natural potency and efficacy of the 'raw' ingredients. The only way to ensure that every last bit of nature's magic is 'captured' in Abloom products. Enjoy!

How organic is the line?
Very organic. All ingredients are certified organic or biodynamic or come from untouched nature. They are 'food grade' - that is, they meet the same strict requirements as organic foods. The line is vegan and, of course, not tested on animals.

No matter how pure the ingredients are, Abloom deliberately does not have an organic label, because it does not consider the labels strict enough. A product with an organic label may still use 5% synthetic preservation. Abloom does not use these! But still knows how to make sustainable and effective products, only a few producers can do that!

How local is Abloom?
The Abloom products are produced in Zwolle. In Zeeland, Abloom's partner farm grows organic Calendula, Echinacea and Lavender for Abloom, among other things. Soon also the seaweeds.

What makes the ABloom products special?
The fact that long-lasting and effective care products can be made without synthetic preservatives or other synthetic ingredients. Also special is that no 'derivatives' or derived ingredients are used. Natural ingredients are transformed into a new ingredient in a chemical process. All ingredients are selected for their medicinal or therapeutic effect and used in their purest form or as fermentate (an ancient method of preserving and enhancing the medicinal properties of a plant)

All products are very highly concentrated in terms of active ingredients and contain no water. A little bit at a time is enough. Instead of water, organic aloe vera gel is used. Water in a care product does not do much for the skin. Aloe vera gel does!

The line is compact, but complete. Each product contains a high content of different active ingredients. Your skin picks out what it needs most at that moment.

Famous fans
International model Gigi Mae Ringel (Vogue, Elle, Grazia): "I love how Abloom combines all kinds of mother natures gifts in their products. The purifying cleanser leaves my skin so clean, and my favorite is the day/night cream with the treatment oil combined to end my daily skincare routine. Keeping it simple. Just like the products themselves."

More about Abloom
The founder of Abloom has been manufacturing and distributing Dr. Alkaitis products outside of the USA for 10 years. Dr Alkaitis once developed the Dr Alkaitis line in his lab. Abloom's founder was impressed by what pure plant ingredients can achieve for your skin and set up a product line himself - Abloom. After Dr. Alkaitis turned his focus to the USA, Abloom started to focus on Europe.

Other interesting facts
Abloom is a Dutch brand. But is sold in various countries outside the Netherlands.