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  • Bestaat sinds: 2005
  • Komt uit: Nederland - Nepal
  • Oprichter: Cathelijne Lania

A Beautiful Story

Many stories come together through the jewelry line of A Beautiful Story. The story of makers with a talent and their fantastic craftsmanship. The story of the richness of other cultures and ancient traditions. A Beautiful Story literally ties these storylines together in jewelry, among other things, so that everyone who plays a role in this will be a little happier.

A Beautiful Story creates a profitable (fair trade) business with and for their partners in developing countries. Their inspiring products bring together the richness of cultures from all over the world. A Beautiful Story creates opportunities for talented professionals in developing countries, so that they can grow their business in a fair way.

How fair trade is the line?
A Beautiful Story is fair trade in heart and soul. Founder Cathelijne Lania left her job at Douwe Egberts to help the Dambar Silver Factory in Nepal create more business. So that the job and thus the income of the 20 silversmiths could be maintained. The first fair trade A Beautiful Story jewelry line, the Lucky Buddha Bracelets, was a fact. Cathelijne came into contact with Beads for Life through the Dambar Silver Factory. A group of women who made jewelry. With the aim of financial independence. The second A Beautiful Jewelery line was launched in the Netherlands. 60 women now work for Beads for Life. All jewelry is handmade. In the Netherlands, the costs of A Beautiful Story are kept as low as possible, so that as much as possible can flow back to the goal of A Beautiful Story: helping professionals in developing countries to a healthy income in an honest way.

What makes A Beautiful Story special?
Among other things, the way of working with the workshops. The studios think along with the design of new collections. And translating age-old techniques into modern jewellery. A Beautiful Story knows the wishes of the modern Western woman. The jewelery workshops translate these into inspiring collections.

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More about A Beautiful Story
The jewelry of A Beautiful Story is now also sold in countries such as Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Finland, Austria, Switzerland and Belgium. A larger sales area means more employment for people in developing countries.

Other interesting facts
At the beginning of 2020, 90 jewelery makers are already working in the two workshops (Beads for Life and Artisan Workshop) for A Beautiful Story. They make thousands of jewelry every year. Crafted by hand, piece by piece! And with love for the techniques that are used.

A Beautiful Story held a storytelling meeting for the employees of the Rijksmuseum shop - where the jewelery is also sold. The employees are so enthusiastic about the story behind the jewelry that they wear themselves with love. And preferably let everyone who comes into the store with A Beautiful Story jewelry go home.