DIY tips - beautiful eyebrows

Oh dear! "All beauty salons are closed, but my eyebrows need shape & color. How do I solve this without too much hassle?" In this blog handy (100% natural) products for beautiful eyebrows, which are often bought from us. And a number of links to tutorial videos to get started at home. Do you live or come near Bussum and do you want to try products first? Of course you can. Our store in Bussum is open - with a number of Corona adjustments. Look here for our opening hours.

Coloring - easy & fast

Do you want to finish your eyebrows very quickly in the morning? Then the vegan Brow Perfector from INIKA may be something for you. A handy 'mascara' for your eyebrows. Spoolie to brush your eyebrows into shape and to color/body at the same time. This one is now sold a lot with us. Please view the tutorial video below.

Another product - which we are a fan of - to color your eyebrows quickly & beautifully is the vegan Cream to powder eye brow definer from Hynt Beauty . An easy to apply creamy emulsion that turns into a soft powder on your eyebrows. Long lasting, water resistant. Useful in combination with Hynt's Duo Brow Spoolie Brush .

Epilation yourself - useful tips for beautiful eyebrows

The tutorial video below from make-up artist Xelly Cabau gives a clear explanation of how to get your eyebrows in shape at home. See a few extra tips from us below the video.

Extra tips : to determine the highest point of your eyebrows, you can also place a brush or pencil from the point between the tip of your nose and where your nostril meets your facial skin up the center of your iris. Where the brush comes out is your highest point of your eyebrow arch. Xelly uses an eyebrow pencil to first draw a number of lines to indicate where not to epilate. You can also use the aforementioned eye brow definer from Hynt for this. Do you prefer to use an eyebrow pencil for this? INIKA has a 100% natural, vegan version .

Templates from Anastasia Beverly Hills are also available from Douglas & Ici Paris, among others. They can definitely help shape you. Don't forget to take into account that every eyebrow is different, even your two eyebrows usually don't have the same shape.

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