This is how you restore your skin after the summer

Skin care after summer

Sun, sea, beach, swimming pool, air conditioning - your skin has to endure a lot in the summer months. Therefore, be extra kind to your skin after the holidays. These tips help.

To drink water

Drink enough water to hydrate your body and skin from the inside out. Start in the morning with a glass of lukewarm water with lemon juice. This helps get your digestion going. And helps your intestines. Which makes you less likely to feel bloated.

Do you have trouble drinking water? Try drinking bulk. A few large glasses two or three times a day. That's how you get your liters. Of course you can also add a natural flavour.

Gentle scrub

Whether you've been on the beach or in the mountains, chances are your skin has picked up extra dirt. Which can clog your pores. Gentle exfoliation helps! For example with this mild DIY coffee scrub and mask in one. Deeply cleanses, removes dead skin cells and cares in one!

Coffee scrub mask

Recipe DIY scrub and mask

You need: 1 tbsp ground coffee, 1 tbsp bentonite clay, 1/2 tbsp liquid coconut oil. Add some cold-rolled honey if you like.

  • Mix coffee powder with clay. Add the coconut oil and mix well.
  • Apply to your face, neck, decollete.
  • Scrub gently in circular motions. NEVER scrub, then you damage your skin barrier. You don't want that.
  • Leave on for 15-20 minutes.
  • Rinse with lukewarm water.
  • Then apply moisturizing toner/serum and day or night cream.

Don't feel like or have time to make your own? Then the Abloom Enzyme Peeling is recommended. You apply it like a mask. Let it soak in for 8-10. Remove and done. Natural peptides from pineapple and papaya provide the peeling effect.


Give your skin a restorative boost with a hydrating or collagen boosting mask. For example from Dr Hauschka, Shankara, Abloom or Dr Baumann.

Skin care plus

Include some extra vitamins, minerals and other nutrients in your skincare routine. To restore your skin from a lot of sun, to hydrate and to prevent aging. Below is a list of useful ingredients for skin recovery after the summer. They also help protect your skin during the summer and recover faster.

Vitamin C

A strong anti-oxidant that helps repair sun damage, reduce inflammation and give a less dull complexion. Also helps prevent pigment spots. And is needed for collagen production. Essential for firmer, elastic skin. Fine products for this are, for example, the Liposome Vitamin from Dr Baumann, the Vitamin C serum from Hynt Beauty , Ablooms Night Cream.

Vitamin E

Another powerful antioxidant. Vitamin E helps protect your skin from free radical damage caused by UV rays. It softens and moisturizes the skin. On ingredient lists you often see it as Tocopherol. This vitamin is in many skin care products for your face. In our range, for example in Dr. Baumann Liposomes or creams, Abloom creams , Hynt Vitamin C Serum. For an extra boost, the Vitamin E ampoules from Dr Baumann are great.

Vitamin A

A very powerful anti-aging vitamin. Also called Retinol. As a vegetable variant in Bakuchiol. Or as provitamin A (beta carotene), which can be converted into vitamin A. This vitamin is essential to repair and regenerate your skin. And can reduce sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles. Bakuchiol can be found in INIKA's Bakuchiol serum and the Mamiel Essential Eye Fix. Provitamin A or retinol in many creams, serums or facial oils. For a boost you can also opt for a vitamin A ampoule from Dr Baumann.

Vitamin B3 - Niacinamide

This gives a nicer skin texture, reduces redness and reduces sun-induced dark spots. Products with Niacinamide include Dr Baumann ampoule Niacinamide, Hynt's Vitamin C ester, Shankara's Anti Age Serum and Boost & Lift LaViesage's super anti-aging formula.

Vitamin D

This vitamin is linked to more than 2000 body processes! And essential for healthy skin. Exposure to sunlight causes your body to produce vitamin D. Vitamin D supplements are a must in winter and when you are less exposed to the sun. You don't get enough from food alone. Fatty fish, meat and eggs contain vitamin D.

Omega-3 fatty acids

Essential for a healthy skin barrier. Especially when you get older. Your skin will then naturally become thinner. Which makes you lose moisture faster. And your skin gets drier. Summer does not help with this. Omega 3 also fights inflammation. LaVieSage SkinBalance is an omega-3 supplement, specially aimed at improving your skin barrier.

In food, you will find omega 3 in oily fish and, for example, walnuts. Nowadays there are more and more vegetable omega 3 supplements. A good development. Only the fish oil variants have an even more powerful effect on your skin.

If you buy an omega-3 fish oil supplement, make sure that it is made from pure fish oil. And a high concentration of active ingredients EPA and DHA.


Zinc is important for a good skin barrier. And for cell division - production of new cells. It also helps soothe irritated skin. Natural sunscreens based on zinc oxide not only protect against UV damage, but also soften the skin. The powerful anti-oxidant formula SkinProtect from LaVieSage contains zinc, among other things.


Collagen is everywhere in your body and provides firmness and less chance of fine lines and wrinkles. Extra handy after a sunny summer! Because UV radiation stimulates skin aging. From the age of 30, your collagen production decreases.

Lubricating collagen makes little sense. The particles are normally too large to get into your skin. However, skin care may contain ingredients that promote the production of collagen. Like Abloom's Collagen Boost Mask . Vitamin C is one of the ingredients necessary for collagen production.

The most effective supplements that provide your skin with the building blocks to produce collagen can help. Boost & Lift or SkinBase from LaVieSage are examples of this

Hyaluronic acid

Super important for the hydration of your skin. Helps your skin retain moisture. Can really make a difference in your post summer skincare. Found in many serums and facial creams.

Algae extracts

Just put a piece of dried algae in water. And see how much water it can absorb. Algae extracts in skin care products are very effective for moisturizing your skin. Many natural skin care products use them. Such as Abloom, Shankara and Hynt Beauty.

Too much information? So you don't know where to start? Good news. Many facial care products already contain a combination of some of the above ingredients. 10 different jars, ampoules or bottles are not necessary!

Do not forget

In addition to the extras to boost your skin after the summer, such as a scrub, mask or ampoule, your daily skin care routine remains important. Mild cleansing, moisturizing toner, serum or lotion, nourishing day cream, night cream and/or oil and optional daily UV protection to slow down skin aging.