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Your benefits at a glance

We think it's great that you buy your pure beauty products at INDISHA. We are happy to give something in return. These are the benefits for Pure Beauty Members:

Save Pure Beauty Points Redeem your points for vouchers, products, treatments or Earth Today m2s** Receive a birthday present Beauty Update Specials. Be the first to know about news*

* After registering for the Beauty Updates ** Read more at the bottom of this page

This is how you save points

You receive 50 points when you create an account.
You receive 1 point for every euro you spend in the store, salon or webshop.
You can exchange every 100 points you save for a value voucher of €5 or more.
Sign up for our Beauty Updates and receive 20 points. In the Beauty Updates: specials, knowledge blogs, product updates, tips and event announcements.
You receive 50 points when you post a review. For example, describe your product experience on our site or respond to our review mail.
Follow and receive 20 points.
Like us on Facebook and receive 20 points.
Tell friends or family about us and receive €10 in points. Your friend or family member will also immediately receive €10 as a welcome gift.

How do you know how many points you have?

You can find your saved points - after logging in - at the bottom left of the webshop page. Click on the bottom left and you will see an overview of your points*. You can also see here what you can exchange your points for. Once a month you will receive an overview of your points by e-mail*

* For the time being only from the points saved in the webshop. We keep track of the points you have saved in the store and salon in a separate system.

INDISHA & Earth Today

At INDISHA we like to contribute to a better world. For example, you can exchange your saved Pure Beauty Points for m2's of nature conservation via INDISHA. You can track what you protect on the Earth Today site. Do you want to protect m2's yourself, without INDISHA? This is of course also possible via the Earth Today site

What exactly is Earth Today?

Earth Today is a global initiative with a mission to accelerate conservation efforts. The initiative contributes to achieving a global goal. Namely protecting 50% of our planet in 2050. Anyone can participate by protecting one or more m2 of nature for €1.20 per m2.

Why INDISHA cooperates with Earth Today? Because we like to contribute to a better world. At INDISHA you therefore also shop consciously. All our products are so pure that you can eat them. With as many ingredients as possible from untouched nature, organically or biodynamically grown. In order to continue to make these products, it is therefore important that we preserve nature!