Why not Clearasil?

We get a lot of young people in our shop / salon who suffer from youth pimples. And regularly the question of what good skin care is during puberty. Time for a blog on this topic. Do you still have questions after reading this blog? Don't hesitate to ask them !

What are pimples & how do they arise?

Pimples are a form of acne, acne vulgaris. The most common form of acne in teenagers.

Youth pimples arise because you start producing more sebum during puberty and it is also a bit thicker. Production is done by the sebaceous glands in the so-called sebaceous follicles. A small organ in the form of a kind of bag that opens into the skin (pore). Normally, the sebum is spread through the pores. The follicles cannot always 'get rid' of the amount of sebum produced during puberty, which causes them to become clogged. In addition, bacteria partly convert the excess sebum into fatty acids, which in turn causes accumulation in the follicle. The sebaceous gland continues to expand due to the excessive sebum and fatty acids and bursts at some point. Causing fatty acids and sebum to reach and inflame the surrounding skin; a childhood pimple has arisen.


Why not use Clearasil?

Clearasil is what many of us think of first when caring for pimples. Not surprising, because it is promoted as such. Why then do we advise against its use? (And not just us, just google and you will find many opponents).

  • Main reason: it dries out the skin (including benzoyl peroxide and 'hard' alcohol). Which triggers it to produce even more sebum. Which ultimately does not benefit the reduction of youth pimples.
  • In addition, aggressive ingredients irritate your skin. Your natural skin protection layer is affected. Your skin becomes thinner. Which makes you more likely to have pigmentation spots.
  • With the hormone-disrupting parabens you don't really make your body happy either. And also not with skin-irritating foaming agents that are toxic to your organs, such as SLS or cocomidapropyl betaine.

What to do?

  • Gently cleanse. Cleaning is important! Only use non-aggressive products for the skin. Which do not affect your natural skin protection layer and do not dry out your skin. For example, the dr Hauschka cleansing cream or the cleansing gel from Dr Baumann .
  • Clay Masks . A pure clay mask is also great: removes dirt from your skin, but also nourishes with minerals. dr Hauschka has these in a jar or loose sachets . But, for example, the Lavander Rhassoul clay from Logona is a good, cheaper alternative. Slightly less advanced, but works. A jar of 300gr (approximately 60 masks) costs €10.95.
  • Steam. Opens your (clogged) pores, allowing waste to be removed. With only hot water or, for example, chamomile (soothing) or nettle (blood purifying). Dr Hauschka has a special facial vapor bath for impure skin.
  • Hydrate and balance. Dry skin is killer for pimples. You tell your sebaceous glands to 'produce' because my skin is dry. In addition, dry skin recovers less quickly. Drink a lot of water! Products such as Dr Hauschka's Special Facial Lotion , Abloom Organic Soothing Lotion or Saar's Purifying toner with witch hazel, hydrate the skin, shrink pores and balance excessive sebum production. The Soothing Lotion is also anti-bacterial, which prevents youth pimples.
  • Using a pure facial oil . It may sound strange, but it's true. If you provide your skin with nourishing and moisturizing oils from the outside, the sebaceous glands receive a signal 'no longer producing, sufficient fats present'. For example, the Dr Hauschka Facial Oil , The Green Goddess Facial Oil or Abloom Miracle Treatment Oil . Pure - preferably organic - extra virgin coconut oil (thin layer) is of course also possible.
  • Zinc cream dries out your pimples. Dr Baumann has these both in a tube and in a jar.
  • Be careful what cosmetics you put on your skin. Many cosmetics contain parrafinum liquidum or petrolatum. These put a layer on your skin, which reduces the skin's own function and clogs pores more easily. So avoid! Mineral (powder) foundation that consists solely of pure mineral powder is a good alternative. Evens out, does not close your pores and often has a high natural UV protection factor (zinc oxide) against UVA and UVB.
  • Do not squeeze yourself! As difficult as this is. This way you spread bacteria all over your face. There is a good chance that more pimples will appear. You also run the risk of permanent scar tissue. If necessary, book a Youth Treatment with the beautician. Your skin is deeply cleansed. Blackheads are professionally removed.
  • Watch what you eat & drink! And drink enough. The connection between acne and cow's milk products has been scientifically proven (this is one of the studies in this area). Reduce the use of refined sugars. These promote inflammation and have a negative effect on your immune system (immune system). So also energy drinks or soft drinks - they are packed with them. Processed products with many added substances are also not what your skin is jumping for. Eat lots of fresh vegetables and vary this. These are packed with good substances that strengthen your immune system and help to remove waste. Eat organic where possible, so you avoid pesticides, among other things. Drink at least a liter of water and/or herbal tea per day (nettle immediately purifies your blood). If you drink too little, you can get dry pimples, which are difficult to go away. And you can't dispose of waste properly, which causes it to accumulate in your skin, among other things. Read our blog 'Nutrition & acne is there a relationship?' more about the influence of your diet on acne.
  • Lots of sports & moving . Promotes your blood flow, making it easier to remove waste. Sweat production also helps with this. Do cleanse your sweaty facial skin (mildly), so that waste products disappear from your face.

Does this whole list make you dizzy? Remember, if you do part of it, you've come a long way! Every bit helps!

Handy product sets
To make it easy for you, we have put together a number of sets of pure, non-aggressive products (see bottom of the blog). Which are used by our beauticians for youth treatments. And that are often bought from us for home use. We know from practice that they have good results with youth pimples.

  • From the inside: LaVieSage SkinClear has been specially developed for acne skin. Partly in response to Roaccutane, an intense medicine used for severe acne (side effects include dry skin, skin rash, inflammation). SkinClear is 100% natural and safe for your body. Works without the side effects of Roaccutane. Regulates sebum production and strengthens the skin's natural barrier function (less risk of inflammation). Has a purifying effect on the liver (detoxifier for your body).

Good luck! If you have questions, let them know . That's what we're here for.