Golden tips for the best self-tanning result

How do you avoid getting blotchy skin when you apply a self-tanner? Does a self tanner give off? Does a self-tanner protect against UV radiation? Which self-tanner suits my skin tone? Questions we get very often. Time for hints.

An even self-tanned complexion

Golden tip is to exfoliate your skin 24 to 48 hours before applying the self-tanner. The self-tanners in our range react with the proteins on your skin ( EcobySonya , Dr Baumann) . causing the skin to color. If you don't scrub and there are still dead skin cells on your skin when you apply the self-tanner, this will give a spotty result when the dead skin cells come off your skin. Please note: never scrub too hard, otherwise you will damage the top layer of skin, making it less able to protect your skin.

If you have a self-tanned tan, do not use products with soap or oil on your skin for a longer result. These make your complexion go away faster. And can cause a mottled complexion!

Does a self-tanner stain?

This depends on the type of self-tanner. Self-tanners with a dye to color your skin give off. Just like a foundation does for example. Self-tanners that give color by coloring the epidermis do not give off, because your skin colors itself

Don't forget to wash your hands after applying the self-tanner! To prevent stains on your hands ;-). Or use a special application glove.

Do self-tanners protect against UV radiation?

No they do not. Tanning from the sun is caused by melanin production in your skin. As a natural protection mechanism (against part of the radiation). Tanning from a self-tanner is due to a reaction with the proteins on your skin surface. No protection mechanism against UV radiation is activated from the inside.

How long does the complexion last?

Your complexion stays for about a week, it will gradually fade. To maintain your complexion, repeat use. Did you use an intensely coloring self-tanner? You can maintain your complexion with a milder coloring tanner.

Which self-tanner suits my skin tone?

Which self-tanner suits your skin depends on a number of factors. I use the products of EcobySonya here. I know these well because they are in our range:

  • What is your basic skin tone: very light and does not tan quickly or already with a light shade and tans quickly.
  • Do you want a tint gradually or quickly? Do you want a complexion within a few hours or can your skin take a night?
  • What do you want to tan? Body, face or both?
  • What texture do you like? Lotion, cream or mousse?

winter skin

  • If your skin is light to medium toned and you want a gradual tan. You apply the self-tanner in the evening before going to sleep, the next morning you have a tint. If you want more tint, you can apply it again in the evening.
  • For body and face.
  • If you have very light skin, do not use the Winterskin! Then your skin will hardly color. Even after a few applications. Then choose the Invisible Tan for a gradual result or the Cacao Tanning Mouse for a faster result.
  • The Winterskin is also useful if you want to extend the tint of your self-tanned skin. Regardless of which self-tanner you used.

Invisible Tan

  • With medium to olive skin (the latter is if your skin on the inside of your wrist has a greenish undertone) that you want to tan gradually. Or with very light skin.
  • For body and face.
  • Apply the self-tanner in the evening before going to sleep, the next morning you have a tan. If you want a deeper shade, repeat the application.

Cocoa Tanning Mousse

  • For all skin tones and a quick result.
  • After an hour you have a light complexion. The longer you leave the self-tanner on, the deeper your complexion. Depending on your skin color, you will have a deep brown complexion after 4 - 8 hours.
  • For body and face

    Hempitan Body Tan Water

    • Same idea in terms of effect and complexion as the mousse, but now in spray form.
    • For all skin tones and a quick result.
    • Gives the deepest tan of all EcobySonya self-tanners.
    • For body
    • Extra hydration through hemp oil in the product
    • Spray-on formula

    Face Tan Water

    • Especially for face, neck, decollete.
    • Gradually builds up your complexion. Apply at night before bed and repeat until you achieve your desired complexion.
    • Tans & cares for the skin; reduces impurities and redness, moisturizes
    • To maintain your tan, you can use the same product.

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