DIY Foot Scrub Recipes

Fancy soft summer feet? Or tired feet that could use a pick-me-up? With these foot scrub recipes you can remove dead skin cells and take care of your feet. Do you want to pamper your feet completely? Take a foot bath before the scrub and massage your feet with a foot balm, oil or cream after scrubbing. Enjoy!

Below is a recipe for a honey scrub from and one for an Epsom salt scrub from After the recipes we explain how you can use the scrubs (it is the same for both scrubs).

Epsom salt - sugar scrub

  • Place all ingredients except the essential oil in a bowl
  • Add the essential oil drop by drop until you reach the desired scent
  • Is the scrub too dry? Add some extra oil
  • Do you not use the scrub immediately? You can store these in an airtight container for a few months.

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Honey sugar scrub

  • Mix all ingredients up to and including the honey.
  • Add a fragrance of your choice and mix it with the scrub.


  • Preferably first take a foot bath with water of around 38 degrees (body temperature) or use the scrub after a shower or bath when your feet are soft and still damp.
  • Take a tablespoon of scrub and gently massage it into your (damp) feet. Don't scrub too hard! Then you damage your top layer of skin.
  • Rinse your feet with lukewarm water or, even more luxuriously, wipe them off with moist warm compresses (for example, use a small towel that you first hold under the warm tap and then squeeze it out)
  • Massage any remaining oil into your feet, or use a foot balm, cream or oil to pamper your feet. And enjoy your wonderfully soft feet!
  • Tip: let your foot balm, cream or oil work for an extra long time for even softer and better hydrated feet. After massaging, put on (cotton) socks and let the balm, cream or oil do its job. You can leave it on all night long.

Don't feel like making it yourself?

No worries! The Dutch brand Botanical Beauty has a delicious organic Eucalyptus Mint scrub . With accompanying Bodybutter .

Do you want to pamper your feet completely? Book a treatment with a qualified pedicure. It not only pampers your feet, but also professionally removes calluses. And possibly treats corns, ingrown nails or fungal nails.