A toner for your skin, sense or nonsense?

The toner/lotion step is often skipped when taking care of the face. But it is actually a must to keep and improve your skin. For example, do you quickly suffer from dry, tighter skin? From redness or pale skin? Or from acne? Then a toner/lotion can make the difference.

What is a toner?

A good toner is a mixture based on water or an ingredient that is more effective for your skin, such as rose water or aloe vera gel. In addition to this base, the toner contains active ingredients to protect, soothe and improve your skin. Which these are differs per toner.

What function does a toner have?

A good toner boosts the hydration of your skin. Ensures that the protective layer of your skin is strengthened. Calms your skin. And ensures that the PH of your skin remains balanced. Toners also ensure that the active ingredients of your day cream, oil or serum that you apply afterwards penetrate your skin faster. So they can do their job better. You can remove the last remnant of cleanser from your face with a toner if you apply it to a cotton pad. But it is basically a skin care product, not a cleanser! In addition, a good toner has other skin-enhancing functions. Which these are, differs per toner. Depending on which skin type the toner is intended for and the brand.

Restore your skin's PH

Many facial cleansers have a higher PH value than the PH value of your skin. Which disrupts your skin function. A toner restores the PH value. Many pure facial cleansers have a skin's own PH, so restoring PH with a toner is not necessary. How nice!

Toner as after sun and after shave

The toners of, for example, Abloom (Soothing Lotion and Hydrating Toner) and deMamiel (Dewy Facial Mist) contain so many calming and soothing active ingredients that they are also perfect after sun's! Abloom's Soothing Lotion is the favorite after shave of many of our (male) customers. Due to its anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-viral and soothing effect.

A toner for every skin type

You can roughly divide the toners into two categories: for normal to dry skin. Or dry skin. And for normal to oily skin. Both contain protective, moisturizing and soothing ingredients. A toner for dry skin contains extra nutrients such as vegetable glycerin or shea butter. A toner for oily skin often contains extra soothing and anti-inflammatory ingredients and ingredients to reduce large pores.

How do you use a toner?

A toner is the 2nd step in your skincare regimen. You use it after cleaning. You can apply with a cotton ball, by applying some to your palm and massaging in or by spraying on your face and dabbing in. The disadvantage of applying with a cotton ball is that part of the product disappears in the cotton ball instead of on your skin. It's a shame! If you want to remove a last bit of cleanser from your face with the toner, applying it with a cotton ball is useful. Apply your moisturizer, oil or serum immediately after the toner, so that it helps the active ingredients to quickly absorb into your skin. For oily skin, the toner can also be used as a toner and day or night cream in one.

Which toners should you avoid?

The classic toners or facial lotions with 'hard alcohol' (ethanol, isopropanol, propanol, butanol, SD alcohol). These dry out your skin. Which is just not the intention of a toner. They also affect the natural protective layer of your skin. Which makes it easier for unwanted substances from, for example, air pollution to enter your skin. And your skin becomes even drier, because moisture leaves your body more easily. In addition, they are skin irritants. It sounds bizarre that there are such toners or lotions for sale, but unfortunately it is true.

Our favorite toners

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  • Abloom Soothing Lotion ; A multitasker. Based on organic aloe vera gel. Suitable for every skin type. Not only very nice for your facial skin. But also as a general Rescue Gel for (burn) wounds.
  • the Mamiel Dewy Facial Mist ; A supercharged toner. Developed from Annee deMamiel's own practice in London. Moisturizes, protects, restores, boosts and strengthens your skin. Check out the ingredients list!
  • dr Hauschka Facial Lotions ; Skin care classics. Moisturizing, refreshing and strengthening. Also handy to fix your make-up or as a refreshment for your skin in between (I always have a mini in my handbag). The Special version is for oily skin.
  • Dr. Baumann Tonic Lotions*; call or email us for more advice.

* dr Baumann products may only be sold after personal advice or if you already use the products. You can only buy products from Dr Baumann in the webshop after you have received a password from us.