Connective tissue what about?

Have you ever had a cosmetic connective tissue massage or lypossage massage? Or heard of it? Both are massages with a tightening and rejuvenating effect. But have you ever thought about what exactly connective tissue is, what function it has for the body and why these massages can improve your skin? You can read all about it in this blog.

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What is connective tissue

Connective tissue (Connective Tissue) is soft tissue that is everywhere in your body. Around muscles, in muscles, around organs, nerves and bones. And under our skin. It is, as it were, the glue that holds everything together. But it also ensures that our body retains heat and transports nutrients, waste products and oxygen through the blood vessels in the tissue. A super important tissue for our body.

What does connective tissue consist of

Connective tissue consists of cells, fibers, basic substances for your body and water. An example of the fibers in connective tissue are collagen and elastin.

  • Collagen ensures that connective tissue cannot be stretched indefinitely. So that the body remains in its shape - remains firm.
  • Elastin fibers are very elastic (the name says it all). And, for example, ensures the stretch in blood vessels.

Connective tissue and age

As we age, the connective tissue produces less collagen and elastin. This reduces the quality of our connective tissue. It has less 'pulling force' which makes the skin slack. "The rack goes out." And blood flow decreases. As a result, the skin can store nutrients less well and cannot properly dispose of waste. Adhesions and wrinkles appear.

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Stress, exercise and connective tissue

Too little exercise and chronic stress can also cause adhesions. Stress is a major culprit for reducing the quality of your connective tissue. Stress makes you tense your muscles extra. This can cause adhesions. Which, for example, gives you stiff shoulders.

Cellulite and connective tissue

Cellulite is caused by an increase in fat cells in your subcutaneous connective tissue. This reduces blood flow and moisture drainage. As a result, fat, waste and moisture are less well drained.

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What does cosmetic connective tissue massage or lypossage do

Both massages are firm massages aimed at the connective tissue layer between your skin and your muscles. They ensure that adhesions in the connective tissue are loosened. So that waste is disposed of. Blood flow is stimulated, so that oxygen and nutrients can be better supplied. And collagen and elastin production gets a boost. For your face , this means fewer (deep) wrinkles. But also reduction of scar tissue, better blood circulation - more color on your face.

For your body , less cellulite and tighter contours.

In combination with the supplement SkinBase from LaVieSage, we see that the massages have more effect. Measurements show time and time again that the combination of massage + SkinBase is more effective than the massages alone.

Other tools for firmer connective tissue

By paying enough exercise & paying attention to your diet, you help maintain the quality of your connective tissue. Yin yoga also has a positive effect on your connective tissue.

Read more about cosmetic connective tissue massage or lypossage here or watch the demo video