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  • Bestaat sinds: 2013
  • Komt uit: Nederland

The Ohm Collection

The Ohm Collection started in 2013 with a first product, Deo Dorant. A powder deodorant. This product is one of the first deodorants that replenishes your body. An ancient recipe from Hawaii, further developed in the Netherlands into a pure natural deodorant of top quality. It works, leaves no stains on clothing and protects the skin instead of damaging it. Ohm claims that the deodorant leaves the skin drier and more alkaline (basic) than any synthetic or natural deodorant. In 2018, a cream version of the deodorant was added to the range. Try it yourself! At INDISHA we are fans.

How pure is the line?
Only the highest quality beneficial organic oils from plants from untouched nature are used. And of course sodium bicarbonate or sodium carbonate in its purest form. The deos are produced in a sustainable manner. According to Auyrvedic tradition, anything you put on your skin should be edible. At Ohm they think this should also apply to your deodorant. Which fits perfectly with the INDISHA philosophy.

What makes the Ohm Deo Dorants special?
The recipe with a special of beneficial cold-pressed oils from plants from untouched nature ensures that deodorant works all day long, but does not stain clothing. The Ohm Blend® ensures that odors and stains in clothes stay away and alkalizes (makes alkaline). Also special is the fact that the Ohm collection is made in the Netherlands. In a sustainable way. Among other things, underprivileged young people are given a chance to work at Ohm.

More about The Ohm Collection
The Ohm collection is a tribute to the Ohm symbol. Originating from Buddhist and Hindu culture. A symbol that has existed for thousands of years and has given strength to many. It is also known that powerful symbols can work both ways. To ensure that the Ohm Collection works to your advantage, good intention and attention to the products is very important. For the products, the use and the result of use. The Ohm company would like to exchange knowledge and share awareness for a high quality of life. After all, our planet and its inhabitants are beautiful.

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The OHM Collection | Deo Dorant Poeder  | Zonder aluminium | INDISHAThe OHM Collection | Deo Dorant Poeder  | Zonder aluminium | INDISHA

The Ohm Collection

Ohm Deo Dorant Powder (10 scents)

€14 €16
The OHM Collection | Creme deo | Sacred Frankincense | INDISHAThe OHM Collection | Creme deo | Royal Hemp Ginger | INDISHA

The Ohm Collection

OHM Deo Dorant Creme - without sodium bicarbonate (6 scents)

€22 €27
OHM | SunSafe Zonnebrandcreme  | Op de huid | INDISHAThe Ohm Collection SunSafe SPF 30  non nano zink oxide - 150 ml

The Ohm Collection

OHM SunSafe SPF 15 - 30 (UVA & UVB)

€22 €25