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  • Bestaat sinds: 2011
  • Komt uit: Nederland
  • Oprichter: Sarah Schwarz

Saar Soleares

Saar Soleares originated from beautiful pure family recipes from Saar's German/Italian grandparents. Nothing worked against Saar's daughter's rash. Then her mother gave an old family recipe based on beeswax. After endless experimentation, the beeswax ointment was created. Within three weeks of using it, her daughter's rash cleared up. Saar's belief in the healing power of natural remedies was confirmed. A 100% natural sleep balm and cough balm followed. For Saar's family, but also for friends and acquaintances. Sarah Soleares was born.

Sarah now
It has now grown into a beautiful small-scale, pure and environmentally conscious brand. So that even more people can benefit from the delicious, healing products. All products are handmade in small batches. Distilled with organic flowers and bee products. Without the use of any synthetic preservative. But still long lasting. The starting point for the products are indigenous Mediterranean scents and ingredients. Saar: 'Creating Saar products was and is a long journey of following what I love.'

How organic/pure is the line?
Very pure! Saar only makes very high quality products that are healthy for us and the environment. Including packaging materials. Without compromises. Without chemical, synthetic or genetically modified ingredients or ingredients derived from plants (derivatives). She supports organic farming and beekeeping. All ingredients are certified organic or of a very pure natural quality.

What makes Saar Soleares products special?
The family recipes that form the basis of the products. The recipes are partly based on the needs of Saar's children (cough balm, sleep balm) and herself (stretch oil). And of which she knows that they work! The love that Saar puts into the development of her products. For example, she worked on the perfume for more than a year. The beautiful packaging line developed by her partner, designer Mauricio Arias.

More about Sarah
" I remember that my grandfather walked me through his large herb garden and could tell a story with every plant. My grandfather got everything he needed from nature. Nature was a sacred place for him. I had never realized that how that tradition worked into me as when I became a mother for the first time.My daughter Ilaya suffered from dry eczema as a baby.After I had tried everything in ointments from the doctor, my mother came up with a prescription from our family based on beeswax. After endless experimentation, the beeswax ointment was created, which helped my daughter so well that the rash disappeared within three weeks. I was so surprised! People in our circle of acquaintances also started trying the ointment and I received the most wonderful stories hearing about people who had suffered for years and where the ointment had helped so well, or mothers who had already tried everything with their baby's eczema or rash and now finally saw improvement. and found out that there were a huge number of applications for it. I decided that I wanted to develop many more of these wonderful natural products."

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