Facts & Figures
  • Bestaat sinds: 1983
  • Komt uit: USA
  • Oprichters: Jeff & Tim & Mike & Chris Katke


Metagenics is a pioneer in nutraceuticals. Therapeutic power food supplements that influence the genes to promote people's health. Founded in 1983 by four brothers from 'a big idea': the right nutrition can help people achieve optimal health by positively influencing what makes them unique, our genes. Metagenics founders believed that chronic disease is caused by the interaction of genetic weakness with lifestyle. And that the right nutritional supplements can positively influence the biochemical processes underlying disease. At that time a fairly revolutionary idea, very little was known about this. Today this is known as the science of nutrigenomy - which studies the influence of diet as one of the key environmental drivers of gene expression that determines patterns of health and disease. Metagenics is an industry leader in this field.

How pure is Metagenics?
Pure! She is not looking for short-term fixes, but for sustainable health solutions for people. The groundbreaking TLC programs (Therapeutic Lifestyle Change) have already helped thousands of people worldwide to improve their health sustainably. Intensive research has already led to many patents for nutraceuticals products or ingredients developed by Metagenics. Labels used by Metagenics are transparent - Every year Metagenics is checked by three organizations and certified as a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) company. Metagenics supports appropriate charities through various programs.

What makes the Metagenics products special?
The fact that Metagenics is a pioneer in its field. And has done a lot of research and development in the field of nutraceuticals since 1983. With many innovations and patents as a result. She collaborates with 15 institutes, including Harvard Medical School and the Erasmus Medical Center! Six percent of the annual turnover goes to R&D. Metagenics is mainly aimed at therapists, to support them in the sustainable improvement of the health of its patients. With evidence-based nutraceutical formulas.

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