Mas Newen

Mas Newen means 'more vitality' in the language of the Mapuches, an indigenous people from Chile and Peru. Countries with which the founders of Mas Newen have a special bond. However, Mas Newen's 100% natural, vegan, raw and probiotic hair and body products are made in collaboration with a local community in Northern Thailand.

How pure is Mas Newen?
Very pure! All Mas Newen products are 100% natural, vegetable, unheated and probiotic! They are lovingly fermented by a community in the hills of Northern Thailand. The ingredients have been wild harvested for generations in the jungle that surrounds the village. This ensures the highest quality. What cannot be picked wild is traditionally grown, completely organic.

Sustainable packaging
After the cooperation with the community was established, Mas Newen decided to go to the coast. There they visited a deserted beach where you can apparently see the most beautiful sunset in the country. The setting sun was indeed breathtaking, but the plastic soup they found was quite a reality check. One thing they knew for sure; we are not participating in this! That is why Mas Newen chooses 100% recycled plastic bottles.

More about Mas Newen
Mas Newen was founded by a group of friends who exchanged their life in Amsterdam for a life in the Chilean jungle. During a trip through Thailand, they came across a local population group that had been making hair and body products for years with ingredients from their environment. And who, given the beautiful hair of the population group, did her job!