Facts & Figures
  • Bestaat sinds: 1987
  • Komt uit: India
  • Oprichter: Maharishi Mahesh

Maharishi Ayurveda

Ayurveda is the oldest holistic health and wellness in the world. All Maharishi Ayurveda products are developed according to this teaching. With a mission to meet your health needs with the best Ayurvedic products possible. Formulated to restore and maintain balance where an imbalance exists.

The products are manufactured on the basis of thousands of years old recipes and the classic, partly very labour-intensive and expensive production process. Only the best ingredients are used. Using whole plants and authentic Auyrvedic ingredients, formulas are created that have maximum effect on mind, body and emotions. Authentic, pure, effective and safe. For Europe, the manufacturing companies in India are monitored by independent, certified European laboratories.

What makes the Ma harishi Ayuveda products special?
The Ayurvedic starting point for the formulas; illness is an expression of imbalance, not the cause of it. Restoring and maintaining the natural balance results in good health. The founder of the brand, Maharishi Mahesh, who, in the late 1970s, traced back and revived the ancient Ayurvedic teachings together with leading experts in the late 1970s. Plus created worldwide attention for this teaching (Maharishi Ayurveda® )

In 1997, the All India Ayurvedic Congress officially affirmed that Maharishi Ayurveda® is the most effective and once again complete embodiment of the traditional Ayurvedic health system. Founded in 1907, the All India Ayurvedic Congress is the largest Ayurvedic association in India with over 300,000 Ayurvedic scholars as members.

More about Maharishi Mahesh
Founder of the worldwide Transcendental Meditation® movement. In 1959 he started his 'journey' to revive this ancient form of meditation worldwide. And thus helping people to live a life without stress, with inner peace. As part of his 'journey' to share ancient Indian wisdom internationally, he introduced Ayuveda - literally translated 'the science of life' - to the Western world.

Maharishi ('great seer') was surrounded by the foremost Auyurvedic experts from India. And was unrelenting about the authenticity and purity of the ancient Ayurvedic formulas. He rejected formulas if they deviated even slightly from the original recipe texts or were not pure enough. Maharishu Ayurveda uses the same basis: authentic, pure, effective, safe.

Other interesting facts
Ayurvedic teachings are based on three 'dosha' types. Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Do you want to know what type you are? Then take the test.