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  • Bestaat sinds: 2009
  • Komt uit: USA
  • Oprichter: Allison Reedy

Klee Kids

Almost all little girls (and boys too) love playing with mommy's makeup. Or better yet with your own make-up. However, most kids make-up on the market is of questionable quality when it comes to being harmful to the skin.

Klee Kids Play Make Up does not. This high-quality, natural, non-harmful, hypoallergenic line was developed by a mother of two little ladies, Allison Reedy. She did not want to burden the still delicate skin of her children and that of friends they played with with synthetic, skin-unfriendly ingredients. But couldn't find suitable products anywhere.

How pure is Klee Kids?

Super pure! 100% non-toxic. Klee Kids only uses healthy, natural ingredients of the highest quality. Only the nail polishes contain synthetic polyurethane and an acrylic copolymer. Both are non-toxic and 100% biodegradable, but are necessary to form a layer on the nails. The nails remain healthy!

Parabens, phthalates, aggressive chemicals, artificial colorings or other harmful ingredients are never used. All products are hypoallergenic. Of course, no testing is done on animals. Klee is a member of the 'Safe Cosmetics Business Network ' A leading collaboration in the field of knowledge & knowledge transfer of the safety of cosmetics ingredients.

What makes the Klee Kids products special?

Just the fact that it is pure kids cosmetics, which is also packaged attractively for children. And developed from a mother who was looking for a healthy alternative to all the unsafe synthetic kids cosmetics on the market.

More about Klee Kids

All Klee Kids products are handmade in the USA. So that there is direct control over the ingredients used and production. The Klee Kids Magical Hair & Body Care line is new.

Other interesting facts

For the older ladies there is Klee Girls Mineral Make Up .