Dr. Hauschka Oral Care

Dr. Hauschka oral care offers more than regular oral care products. The naturally pure care protects and harmonises. It helps keep the mouth and teeth healthy. Plant extracts are selected for both their medical and holistic effect. And come as much as possible from plants from our own biodynamic garden, from controlled organic cultivation or from protected nature reserves. All products have been developed together with dentists.


Teeth tidbits

  • Teeth play an important role in the body. Chewing and grinding food ensures good digestion. Healthy teeth are therefore important for good health.
  • Teeth not only say something about our vitality, but also about our inner development. When a child starts with the change of teeth, the first step has been taken towards adulthood.
  • For thousands of years, many cultures have known that a healthy oral flora is essential for human well-being. An ancient Indian law from 600 BC shows that mouthwash and twigs of the neem tree are used to clean the teeth.
  • Teeth are little wonders. The enamel that protects the teeth is the hardest substance in the human body. Due to the deposition of minerals such as calcium, phosphate, magnesium and sodium, it is even so strong that the steel can notch. However, due to continuous use, the tooth enamel is subject to wear.
  • We use the chewing surface of the teeth about a thousand times a day.
  • A tooth is anchored in the jaw by the root and connective tissue in a way that allows it to give a little under extreme pressure.
  • The teeth are surrounded by the gums that protect the sensitive tooth neck.
  • Plaque-forming bacteria thrive best in an acidic environment. By reducing acid-forming foods such as sugar, wheat flour and meat, you prevent the basic PH value of the saliva from going down. Which promotes the health of your teeth.