Facts & Figures
  • Bestaat sinds: 1989
  • Komt uit: Duitsland
  • Oprichter: Dr. Baumann

Dr. Baumann

Natural, effective and hypoallergenic skin care of high quality. 100% vegan. That is what Dr Baumann stands for. Dr Baumann calls this bionome.

Bionomic cosmetics

  • Skin-friendly ; ingredients tailored to the physiology and anatomy of the skin. This is achieved by as many ingredients as possible having a structure that is identical to the skin or that already occur naturally in our organism
  • Optimal tolerability; by using dermatological and scientific knowledge about allergies when choosing the ingredients.
  • Effective; only ingredients whose effect has been described and proven and which have a positive effect on the skin.
  • Animal friendly - vegan; by refusing ingredients of animal origin and animal testing.
  • Environmentally friendly . by avoiding unnecessary packaging materials.

How pure is the line?

Pure! Only pure, often skin-identical ingredients do not burden the skin. Although Dr Baumann does not state on the products which ingredients are of organic origin, we can assume that a large part of the ingredients are. After all, Dr Baumann does not want any ingredients that are harmful to the skin in the products. Non-organic products are often chemically treated and will therefore contain residues of pesticides, for example. These are harmful to the skin.

What makes Dr Baumann products special?

The line was developed by Dr. Baumann and Dr. Henrich, a biochemist and a homeopath. And is particularly suitable for people who have an allergic reaction to almost all (including natural) skin care brands.

The quality of Dr Baumann products is achieved by a selection of natural ingredients that maximally respect and strengthen the health and functioning of the skin. Under these conditions, the list of useful ingredients is greatly reduced because many synthetic, but also many natural ingredients, are not effective enough to ensure the promised or desired results. Sometimes they also appear to be harmful to the skin.

The line is 100% plant-based/vegan. The fragrances of plant-based ingredients have been removed from almost all products, because some people are sensitive to this. For this reason, the products do not contain any synthetic preservation, but still have a long shelf life. And no mineral oils (from the oil industry) are used, which disrupt your skin function.

Dr Baumann's advice goes beyond just skin care products. To achieve an optimal effect, Dr Baumann also recommends using nutrition that is optimal for the skin. In fact, with the same requirements as cosmetic products; vegan, no synthetic preservatives, fragrances or dyes. One of the Dr Baumann founders, Dr. Med. EW Henrich, has even set up a special website about this with background and information about the benefits of vegan food for humans, animals and the environment: www.provegan.info

More about Dr Baumann

Dr Henrich (co-founder of Dr Baumann) was annoyed by the mainly external and trend-oriented nature of many cosmetic brands: beautiful models, expensive advertising campaigns, beautiful packaging materials and always a new ingredient with a fantastic claim.
This only led to high prices and unnecessary environmental burdens. And according to him, it had nothing to do with what a high-quality cosmetic product should really be about: compatibility with your skin and a lasting effect; permanently more beautiful skin! He was going to do it differently. In 1988 he met a like-minded person: Dr Thomas Baumann. Together they developed the Dr Baumann line.

Other interesting facts

Dr Baumann has four skin care lines: Dr Baumann SkinIdent, Classic, Classic Men and Beaucaire

Dr Baumann SkinIdent

Dr. Baumann's top line . This line only contains products with 100% skin-identical (plant-based) ingredients. The fragrance elements of the plant-based active ingredients have been removed, because these are also potential allergens. The concentration of active ingredients in the SkinIdent line is very high; a small amount of product per use is sufficient. If you use more, it will have virtually no additional effect on your skin. Read more in the brochure or on the international site

dr Baumann Classic line

The most extensive line from Dr Baumann. A very high-quality line, with a slightly lower concentration of active ingredients than the SkinIdent line. But still higher than you are used to with many cosmetic products! And using high-quality vitamins and minerals and oils such as jojoba, macademia or evening primrose. Most products contain between 80 and 100% natural ingredients. In contrast to the SkinIdent line, products with chamomile, aloe vera or tea tree oil are also possible. Read more in the brochure or on the international website

Dr Baumann Classic for Men

Skin care for men. Five minutes a day are enough to get and maintain your skin in optimal condition with the products from Dr Baumann's for Men line. The same high standards apply to the products as to the products of the Dr Baumann Classic line. Read more on the international website.

Dr Baumann Beaucaire line

An excellent baseline. Bionomic like the other lines, but with a lower concentration of active ingredients and less high-quality vegetable oils. And basic packaging. We often recommend this line for young people. Given the good price/quality ratio and the fact that young skin needs less of many active ingredients. Read more in the brochure or on the international website .

Useful to know - webshop sales are only permitted if you already use Dr Baumann products or after advice from us

Dr Baumann does not allow selling via a webshop. This is because it is important to choose the products that best suit your skin through sound advice. If you are already using Dr Baumann based on the advice of our specialists, you should have received a login code to be able to purchase Dr Baumann products via our webshop . If this is not the case , please let us know!

We have the entire SkinIdent line, most of the Classic (packaging with silver edging along the cap) and the runners of the Beaucaire line in stock. If you would like advice about Dr Baumann products or order them, send a chat message, email info@indisha.nl or call or app our customer service (06 26 012 815).