Botanical Beauty

Botanical Beauty is a line of beautiful, 100% natural skin care of high quality. Handmade in the Betuwe. Basic ingredients are natural caring oils and Dead Sea salt (scrubs). Your skin will benefit. It looks beautiful, smooth and healthy and feels silky soft. Partly due to the medicinal effect of plants and herbs, cold-pressed oils (1st pressing) and Dead Sea salt in the scrubs disappear or reduce eczema, psoriasis and fissures.

Founder is Catharine van Everdingen-Chorus, who, after working as a lawyer in Amsterdam for 10 years, ended up on the Noordhoek family estate. There she met Jeanette van den Berg. Together they decided in 2004 to develop a new natural skin care line. Using the herbs from the herb garden of the Noordhoek estate. In 2009, the line, Botanical Beauty, was launched.

100% natural
Botanical Beauty only uses 100% natural ingredients, including essential oils. A large part of the ingredients are organic. Due to the sophisticated composition and fresh preparation of the products, they can be kept for one to two years.