Why avoid Paraffinum Liquidum?

You may not know paraffinum liquid or petrolatum as a cosmetic ingredient. But you've probably heard of Vaseline. The latter consists of one ingredient: petrolatum (petroleum jelly). Petrolatum or the more liquid variant Paraffinum Liquidum can be found in many cosmetic products. Check out your day cream, body lotion, lip balm, hand cream or foundation. If you do not lubricate purely, there is a good chance that it contains petrolatum or paraffinum liquidum.

It lubricates your skin nicely when the weather is cold, inclement. So that you retain moisture and your skin feels super soft (again). Ideal fabric you might think. But closing it up is just the problem. And an important reason that really pure brands avoid this ingredient.

What is Paraffinum Liquidum and Petrolatum?

They are similar ingredients. The liquidum version is more fluid than the petrolatum. Both are made from residues from the oil industry. They are cheap, long lasting and do not smell. Ideal for the cosmetics industry.

Disturbed your natural defense mechanism

Your skin can naturally do a lot by itself, including protection against all kinds of external influences. For this, the upper part of your skin, for example, consists of a thin layer of fat. If you use products with parrafinum liquidum or petrolatum, your skin will become 'lazy'. Your natural protection mechanism and ability to retain moisture are affected. As a result, your skin feels increasingly drier when you stop using it. Which makes you feel like you should use more.


Because your skin is closed, dirt can accumulate in your pores, which can cause pimples or other inflammations. Do you use foundation and do you suffer from pimples? Then check whether there is paraffinum liquidum in your foundation.

A closed feeling

We hear from many people that they do not want to use foundation, because they feel that there is really a layer on the skin, which does not feel nice. This is due to paraffinum liquidum. If you use a pure foundation with only natural oils and fats, you will notice that you hardly feel that you have anything on your face.

No valuable ingredients

In addition, unlike a natural fat, paraffinum liquidum/petrolatum does not contain any valuable vitamins, minerals or other beneficial ingredients for your skin.

No lubrication?

You can, especially if your skin is still young. As we age, the fat layer of our skin becomes thinner, making it less well protected. Then it is advisable to give your skin extra protection.

Younger skin may also need extra protection. For example, by using cleaning products that are less pleasant for your skin (think of many foaming products or products with hard alcohol such as clearasil), your skin layer is affected and thinner. And is therefore less well protected against external influences.

Are there alternatives?

Fortunately. Really pure skin care products contain natural oils and fats to protect your skin instead of petrolatum or paraffinum liquidum. They naturally protect your skin, but do not close it. And support the function of your skin. If you stop applying lubrication, your skin will not be left bone dry. Jojoba oil is one of these oils. Its composition is very similar to the composition of your skin's own fats.

Pure products are often (slightly) more expensive than non-pure ones. Not surprising, when you consider that a natural oil alone is much more expensive than the cheap oil industry residual substance paraffinum liquidum. If the ingredients are also organic, so grown without pesticides, they are even more expensive.

The advantage for the pricing of products from (smaller) organic brands is that they do not spend money on advertising campaigns costing millions. Which has to be earned back through the product price. Especially in the slightly more luxurious segment, a pure, organic skin care product does not have to cost more than a less pure alternative.


If you still use cosmetic products with paraffinum liquidum or petrolatum, try a product that does not contain this. You will notice the difference! Your skin may react a bit unsettled in the beginning. This must first get rid of the accumulated waste, come back into balance and restart the skin's own protection and hydration function. If this is the case with you, don't give up. After a while you will notice how much nicer your skin feels!