Longer tan because of After Sun? Fable or fact

Does your tan really stays longer when using an After Sun? And do you really need an After Sun product to take care of your skin after sunbathing? Or is this just marketing talk? I dived into the (online) books to verify my own knowledge and supplement it where necessary. Below you can read my findings.

Why an After Sun?

You can use an After Sun if your skin has sunburned after sunbathing. Or to take extra care of it after you've been in the sun without getting burned. Because even if your skin is not burned, it can use some extra after exposure to the sun.

The heat from the sun causes moisture in your skin to evaporate faster, making it feel drier. The heat from the sun also makes you sweat faster. Which also causes you to lose moisture. Sweating releases salts. These extract moisture from your skin if they stay on your skin. So that you lose even more moisture.

After Sun and sunburned skin

Is your skin sunburnt? Then lubricating is definitely recommended! Burning damages your outer (protective) skin layer and dries out your skin. As a result, it flakes faster and shows lines. Lubricating can help prevent dehydration and restore your skin barrier.

Sunburn also produces harmful free radicals. The faster you calm your skin, the less damage can be done.

But does this have to be a special After sun? This is not necessary. A good after sun has such a composition that it does exactly what you can expect from it: cooling and skin recovery after sunburn. And intense hydration of the skin. The product should certainly not irritate your skin, that will only cause (additional) damage to your skin. For example, the ingredient menthol sounds very cooling, but can irritate your skin in the long run. And has a drying effect.

Not burned, but After Sun?

It is certainly advisable to take extra care of your skin after you have been in the sun. To replenish the moisture you have lost. And if possible, strengthen your skin barrier, so that you lose moisture less quickly. This can be an After Sun or another skin care product that has the same composition as a good After Sun.

Salt from sweat can be rinsed off with water. But don't shower too hot and too long. Because that also causes your skin to lose moisture.

Longer tan because of After Sun?

That certainly applies if it hydrates your skin well, does not irritate your skin and preferably also strengthens your skin barrier (so that your skin loses moisture less quickly). Well-hydrated skin sheds less quickly, so your tan lasts longer.

Important ingredients in After Sun

As described above, a good After Sun should cool, restore, hydrate and preferably also strengthen your skin barrier. Which ingredients can ensure this? Below a few.

Is your skin burned? Then do not use very fatty products in the first hours after the burn. They retain the heat in your skin. While you want to cool down your overheated skin.

Ingredients that soothe / soften your skin

  • Aloe Vera
  • Chamomile
  • Panthenol (Vitamin B5)
  • Licorice root extract ( Glycyrrhiza glabra extract)
  • Calendula
  • Ice plant (used externally)
  • Wound clover

Ingredients that hydrate

  • Hyaluronic acid
  • glycerin
  • urea
  • Seaweeds
  • Quince seed

Barrier repairing/strengthening ingredients

  • Ceramides
  • Niacinamide (Vitamin B3)
  • glycerin
  • From the inside: fish oil - omega 3

Protection against the formation of free radicals

  • Anti oxidants such as vitamins C and E. A lot of vitamin C is for example in red fruit extract, paprika, parsley, berries. Vitamin E in green tea extract, jojoba, almond and wheat germ oil.
  • Beta carotenes in orange/yellow fruit and vegetables such as carrot, sweet potato and pumpkin or in green (leaf) vegetables such as broccoli, celery and lettuce.

Our After Sun products compared

Below After Sun products in our range. Click on the product name for more information about a product. Please note: Dr Baumann may only be sold in the webshop after advice. Send a message via the chat function, email (info@indisha.nl) or call us for advice. You can only access Dr Baumann products via a password.

  • Dr Baumann SkinIdent After Sun Vitamin : The absolute after sun favorite at our house. Which definitely keeps our tan longer. The most powerful, highly concentrated and 100% skin-specific After Sun in our range. Hypoallergenic. Without fragrances. With a relatively short list of ingredients - but all super effective for after sun: such as panthenol, glycerin, urea, hyaluronic acid, beta-carotene, vitamin E.
  • dr Hauschka After Sun Lotion: Cools, soothes, repairs and moisturizes. With beautiful ingredients from nature. As quince extract, glycerin, carrot extract, rose, ice plant, jojoba and almond kernel oil. Soft, pleasant fragrance.
  • Abloom Soothing Lotion : softens, soothes and moisturizes. A multi-functional product. An absolute must for a (sun)burned skin! With, among other things, aloe vera, panthenol, carotenes, seaweed, chamomile. Works very effectively - we have seen several burns healed without leaving a scar using the Soothing Lotion. Personally I would use the Soothing Lotion less quickly as a nice lotion, to take care of and at the same time keep your tan. I don't like the somewhat thinner composition for this. Light spicy scent.
  • Dr Baumann Classic After Sun : Calms, refreshes and restores your skin. Hypoallergenic. A fine and effective product with, among other things, Aloe Vera, panthenol, urea, beta-carotene, vitamin E. Without fragrances.
  • LaVieSage SkinBalance: An omega 3 formula specially developed for the skin to take. To strengthen and restore your skin barrier from the inside out. And thus protect against the negative effects of sunlight.

If you compare these products with other body lotions from our range, you will see that the other body lotions also certainly contain ingredients that help your skin after sunbathing. However, these lotions are less complete as an After Sun product than the above list of products.