Skin & hair care tips for winter sports

INDISHA Winter Sports Skin-Hair Care Tips

Your skin and hair get the necessary challenges during winter sports! But don't worry, with some handy adjustments to your care, they will get through winter sports well. Four tips in this blog. Natural & effective!

Tip 1 Use a rich day care

From cold, cold wind to a lovely sun. From the cold on the slopes to the warmth of an apres ski hut, chalet or hotel. Your facial skin has to switch quite a bit during winter sports. The colder, drier air ensures that your protective layer of your skin becomes thinner.

  • Your skin will love a richer day cream or a few drops of oil through your day cream!
  • Preferably also a product full of vitamins and anti-oxidants (A, C, E) for extra protection and recovery of your skin.
  • Fact: creams with carotenes (including carrot oil) contain provitamin A. Your skin converts it into vitamin A in the amount it needs. Vitamin A is a strong regenerating (anti aging) vitamin.
  • Tip: use your night cream as a day cream as well. With many brands with a separate day and night cream, the night cream is richer.

Useful for winter sports creams and oils from our range are: Dr Hauschka Rose Cream , Abloom Night Cream , Abloom Miracle Oil , Ayurvedic Kumkumadi Moisturizer and Oil, Dr Baumann SkinIdent Vitamin Cream . Handy travel sets are also available from Dr Hauschka and Abloom. Click on the product links for more information.

Tip 2 Use sun protection

The sun, which is reflected by the white snow, ensures that you can easily burn. A protective product with SPF is therefore not an unnecessary luxury. And then preferably one with the natural filter zinc oxide. And then again not in nano form or coated nano form. Why?

  • Many synthetic filters contained harmful substances for your skin. They are skin irritating, allergy triggering or even carcinogenic.
  • Moreover, a large part of the synthetic filters only protect against UVB radiation - against burning - and not against UVA radiation - against skin aging -.
  • Synthetic filter Oxybenzone is also the cause of pigment spots.
  • Zinc oxide protects against both UVA and UVB radiation.
  • Titanium dioxide is also a natural UV filter. But only partially protects against UVA radiation.
  • Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide in nano form is used to prevent a white cast in sun protection products. But are questionable when it comes to your health. And that of aquatic life.
  • Don't forget about the delicate skin of your lips.
  • Fact: SPF only says something about protection against UVB, not about protection against UVA.
  • Remember: UVB is protection against burning (the B of Burning). UVA mainly as anti-aging protection (A for Anti-aging)

The difference with the natural filter zinc oxide and a synthetic filter is that the first one lays a layer on the skin and reflects radiation. A synthetic filter absorbs into your skin.

Handy for winter sports SPF products with a natural filter, without a white cast. Favorites in our range are: Raw Elements Tinted Facial Moisturizer SPF 30 , Hynt Beauty SunPrep SPF 25 , deMamiel Daily Hydrating Nectar SPF 3 0 (skin tint), Botanical Beauty Sunscreen SPF 20 , Raw Elements Pink Lip Shimmer SPF30 .

Tip 3 Anti Frizz Hair Care

Wearing most ski/snowboard hats and/or helmets can make your hair nice and static. Your shawl can give this an extra push. She also doesn't like sanding helmets. Resulting in damaged hair ends and/or frizzy hair. Of course you are not waiting for this. A few first aid tips for frizzy, damaged hair:

  • Use shawls, hats made of natural materials. Does your hair become less static!
  • Massage your hair ends every morning and evening with a (hair) oil to protect and repair them. Our favorite oils for this are: Abloom Miracle Oil and Saar Soleares Hair Elixir .
  • A hair mask with this oil in the evening is also possible. Massage in, put a towel on your hair. And wash off with shampoo before you go to sleep. In the morning is of course also allowed, if you have enough bathroom time.
  • Saar Soleares shampoo has been specially developed against frizzy hair.
  • Use a silk pillowcase. Really helps against frizz!

Tip 4 Muscle relaxation

From your office or car seat to skiing, snowboarding or cross-country skiing all day on the slopes... Your muscles will thank you ;-). There is nothing better than pampering and caring for your muscles with delicious muscle-relaxing products. For example:

  • A muscle relaxing oil. Like the Muscle Release Oil from Shankara Naturals.
  • Do you have the luxury of a bath in your winter sports accommodation. Then muscle relaxing Epsom salt from WestLab is very nice. Even more delicious is WestLab's Recover Bath Salt , to which extra muscle-relaxing essential oils of white willow, arnica, eucalyptus and mint have been added.
  • On the Ayurvedic tour? Then try the Luxurious Muscle Release Bath Salt from Shankara.

Enjoy your winter sports holiday!!