Detox tips

The summer is coming. A good period to do a detox. So that your 'light' goes into the summer. Do you wonder what detoxing is good for? How to start? Or are you looking for useful experience tips? LIn these blogs background and tips.

What is detoxing?
During a detox period you give space to the natural mechanism of the body to get rid of waste, toxic load and stress factors. You actually clean yourself up, giving you space to function properly again.

Why detox?
For at least 5000 years, the principle of detoxing has been applied in all cultures and spiritual traditions. A shorter or longer period to turn inwards, to cleanse the body and mind by cutting down on food. For the body a natural thing to restore itself. In today's time, detoxing may be even more necessary than it used to be. We are surrounded by an extreme amount of toxins. For example, air pollution, artificial additives in food, too much acid-forming food, depleted food, food packaging, 'factory' food, cosmetics, medicines, cleaning products, home furnishings, radiation from appliances. Moreover, there are many more stress factors than before. Which allows emotional waste to accumulate. And many of us don't get enough sleep.

toxic load
Due to all the toxins and stressors we are surrounded by and the fact that many of us regularly eat without attention, drink too little, chew too little, eat less healthy food for your body, the liver works overtime and often waste products accumulate in our body . Many of us have chronic inflammation in the body that depletes the immune system. Which can lead to all kinds of ailments in the long run. Overburdening the liver and a disturbed intestinal flora also ensure that we cannot digest our food properly, leaving residues behind. Regularly purifying the body can therefore do no harm!

Can anyone just detox?
No. Children and pregnant women should not (just) detox. Active cancer, tuberculosis, diabetes, anorexia/bulemia, severe underweight, severe heart/renal or thyroid problems are also contraindications. As well as depression or schizophrenia. Children are still growing. During a pregnancy you do not want the waste products that are released to end up with your child in the making. In the event of an illness, supervision by a (specialised) doctor is recommended. During a detox, unprocessed emotions can surface. If you have experienced violent things in the past, make sure that you have support available in case they come loose. If you are physically exhausted, then detoxing is not wise either.

If you have no contraindications, a detox is a good way to maintain your health, to support it if you want to live a healthier life and/or stop smoking, for example. Or to promote the healing process in case of persistent complaints such as skin, stomach, intestine or throat and fatigue.

During the detox course we used an anamnesis (intake) form to get a good picture of the person who wants to detox prior to a detox. This way you are better prepared for what could possibly come loose (physically and mentally) and it will emerge whether detoxing is a good option at the moment.

Forms of detox

  • Calorie Restriction a Day . A detox can be one day every 2 weeks without eating or eating very little. And cleanse your intestines with Epsom salts. Preferably a day where you can also relax mentally. You can also apply calorie restriction as a follow-up to a multi-day detox cure.
  • Mild detox cure (1-3 weeks). With a mild detox cure you eat less so that you can continue to work. Of course, all the rest/inner reflection that you can insert during these days is only conducive to the result of the cure.
  • Strict detox cure (4-10 days). Fasting. You don't eat, you just drink. Preferably, you do not work during a strict course in order to properly process the detoxification symptoms.
  • There is one with every detox
    • Winding down phase in which drinks a lot of pure fluid, preferably eats a maximum of 3 x a day, reduces the amount of food and animal proteins, alcohol, black tea, coffee, sweets, chocolate, and all other sweet and savory snacks. To reduce headaches during the course, for example.
    • Treatment phase the cleaning phase.
    • Build-up phase in which you slowly rebuild the amount of food and can add animal proteins again
  • Pay attention to every detox
    • Drink at every stage 2-3 liters of pure water per day (from a glass bottle - plastic contains plastic softeners - or via a filter such as Britta). Herbal or green tea made with pure water is also possible.
    • Usage organic foods . This prevents you from ingesting pesticides or other toxic substances.
    • If you consume solid food: chew well . At least 30 times. To promote good digestion.

What is the best detox period?
According to the Auyrveda in the spring. Then the body is already doing a 'spring cleaning'. Because the temperature rises, the body comes out of its 'hibernation', more in motion. The beginning of autumn is also a good period for a detox. Winter is generally too cold to detox. One-day calorie restriction can be used all year round.

Out or at home?
There are many detox trips that you can book. is in the Netherlands spa de Schouw in Zeeland specialist in detox cures. But of course you can also detox at home. Whereby you (with the help of sites or books) make your detox program or buy a cure. If you have a partner, detox together. That makes the detox easier. NB: do you do a cure externally or do you buy a cure. Check whether organic foods are used. Very efficient for a good cure.

Support Resources

  • You can provide support during, before and after the treatment using foods/supplements to promote the detox and (in particular) to support the liver, kidneys and lymphatic system. Think of clays that cleanse the intestines, Epsom salts that activate the removal of waste, spirulina and chorella that help with the detoxification of heavy metals, herbs & plants with an anti-inflammatory or anti-oxidant function, apple cider vinegar or base tea for deacidification, building up intestinal flora by pre- and probiotics and sedatives for emotional support.
    • NB: do you use the pill? If you take it in the morning, use Epsom salts in the evening and vice versa. Due to the diarrhea that starts, the effect of the pill can decrease!
  • Sauna and massage (in particular connective tissue - waste products are stored in the connective tissue - and lymph massage - lymph ensures drainage of waste -, but a relaxing massage is of course also wonderful). You can do one yourself every day bowel massage to help with the disposal of waste. (On the video it may seem quite a task, but with 5 minutes per massage you are already a long way)
  • Dry skin brushing you can do yourself. It helps your lymphatic system and gives a nicer skin.
  • I loved the liver packaging during the cure, to support the liver in the removal of waste. And a moment of peace! I did the packing before I went to sleep. I regularly fell asleep with the gasket and all.
  • High colonic irrigation, enema to help drain (encrusted) waste products
  • I do it myself every day. But very handy during the treatment: tongue scraping with a special tongue scraper . Waste products often end up on your tongue. Which can cause a nasty smell.
  • You can still supplement the tongue scraping with oil pulling .

After the cure

  • Eat organic as much as possible, so you don't ingest growth hormones, anti biotics, pesticides, etc. That saves a bit of toxic overload.
  • Avoid products with HFCS!
  • Keep chewing well for good digestion. And be aware when you get full, stop eating.
  • Eat more alkaline and less acidic: for most people: increase the proportion of vegetables, sprouts, fruit, nuts, seeds, herbs and mushrooms in your diet. ALKA basic tea is also an option as support.
  • Add algae more often to your diet: super source of minerals, proteins, EPA/DHA (omega 3 fats)
  • Use liver detoxifying foods: e.g. bitter vegetables, broccoli, curcuma, linseed, garlic, green tea
  • Continue to drink plenty of fluids and clean your tongue.

    What can INDISHA offer?

    • Detox cures: the mild 11 days LaVieSage Cleanse & Revitalize , includes supported supplements, recipe booklet and online videos, shopping list. Before you start, you may fill in an intake (anamnesis) form, so that we know whether a cure is suitable and what we can encounter with regard to possible guidance during the cure.
    • Supporting massages or massage treatments such as lypossage, cosmetic connective tissue, lymphatic drainage or detox treatment.