The power of Aloe Vera in skin care

You must have heard about the soothing effect of Aloe Vera. For example, after sunburn. But did you know that the plant has many more properties that are beneficial for your skin and health? One of the reasons that some of the brands in our range use aloe vera gel instead of water - much more expensive. Water doesn't do much for your skin, aloe vera gel does.


Aloe vera has a strong anti-inflammatory effect. It helps with burns, insect bites and (superficial) acne. Abloom's Soothing Lotion is a product based on Aloe Vera gel. At our house this is our rescue gel. Very ear? Soothing Lotion in it. Wound in the mouth? Gargle with Soothing Lotion.

Anti aging

Anti-oxidants, enzymes, vitamins A and C in Aloe Vera help to protect your skin and keep it younger. For example, it slows down the formation of deeper lines and wrinkles. Unfortunately, it can't get rid of wrinkles you already have.


Aloe Vera grows in countries with a warm climate. The leaves of the Aloe Vera plant store moisture to survive in this climate. Using the leaves in cosmetics helps your skin retain moisture better.

Anti dandruff

Rubbing Aloe Vera on your scalp can help reduce dandruff. Especially if the dandruff is caused by a dehydrated scalp due to dry air or the use of shampoos with SLS or other skin-irritating/dehydrating foaming agents. Do you want the rose to stay away? Then choose a shampoo without less fine foaming agents for your skin.

However, dandruff can also come from within, because skin cells multiply faster and old skin cells peel off at a rapid pace. Aloe vera can then have a soothing effect.

Alternative to chemical mouthwashes

Due to its anti-inflammatory effect and vitamin C, which prevents the formation of plaque, Aloe Vera is a good alternative to chemical mouthwashes. The soothing properties of Aloe Vera also help with irritated gums.

Aloe Vera as a preservative

Water in combination with oil spoils quickly. That is one of the reasons that preservatives are needed in cosmetic products. And one of the reasons that Abloom uses aloe vera in its products instead of water. That in combination with oil does not spoil quickly. And also has an anti-bacterial effect. In addition to the fact that Aloe Vera is a power ingredient for your skin, it also gives you the option of using no or less synthetic preservatives.

Products with Aloe Vera at INDISHA

Are you curious about the effect of aloe vera on your skin? Below are a number of products from our range that use organic aloe vera