Sunday Brush

Sunday Brush

Sunday Brush is a unique, 100% natural SPF 50 sunscreen, in mineral powder form. Which protects against both UVA and UVB radiation. Suitable for even the most sensitive skin. Convenient to use and to take with you. So that you always and everywhere have your sun protection at hand. Developed in the Netherlands.

The story behind Sunday Brush

More than 10 years ago, skin cancer was diagnosed in the husband of Nicole - founder of Sunday Brush. A long search followed for a daily UV protection with a high factor, which was pleasant to use, mild for his sensitive skin and convenient to take everywhere. It turned out not to be found. In her search, Nicole discovered powdered sun protection. And developed Sunday Brush together with a renowned cosmetics manufacturer.

How pure is Sunday Brush?

Very pure! All ingredients are 100% natural. Including the UV filters. In terms of packaging, the aim is to burden the environment as little as possible. Of course no nano ingredients are used. And the products are not tested on animals.

What makes Sunday Brush special?

The combination of high, natural UV protection, without white haze, suitable for every skin type, handy packaging to take anywhere and a product that feels very nice on the skin (you don't notice that you have something on).

Other interesting facts

Education about UV protection to prevent skin damage and premature skin aging and help prevent skin cancer is an important part of Sunday Brush's philosophy and business.

Sunday Brush is sold in Brazil and Japan as well as throughout Europe.