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  • Bestaat sinds: 1996
  • Komt uit: Australie
  • Oprichter: Miranda Bond

INIKA Organic

'Pure with purpose'. INIKA - 'little earth' in Hindi - is one of the purest and at the same time contemporary and luxurious mineral make-up brands that INDISHA could find. All products are certified vegan, organic, 100 percent halal, not tested on animals and environmentally conscious. Guaranteed free from ingredients from the petrochemical industry, fillers, talc, bismuth oxychloride, genetically modified ingredients, parabens, preservatives, mineral oils, phthalates and synthetic perfume.

The story of

Due to health problems (endometriosis and related infertility), founder Miranda Bond decided to live 'toxic-free'. However, she could not find a natural make-up brand that met her quality, color range and performance requirements. So, with the help of experts, she developed a stylish, 100% natural make-up line of super quality.

How pure/organic is the line?

Pure & very organic. Rewarded with one of the highest safety ratings worldwide for cosmetics by the leading E.W.G (Environmental Working Group). A number of products contain the highest percentage of organic ingredients worldwide compared to comparable products on the market.

Spring 2022, INIKA will be the first make-up brand in the world with 100% plastic neutral packaging! What a huge plastic impact! Watch the video above the page for more information.

Below is a list of questionable cosmetic ingredients that you are guaranteed not to find in INIKA products:

All INIKA products are guaranteed free of:

  • No petrochemicals, synthetic substances or mineral oils - No petrochemicals, synthetic ingredients or mineral oils
  • No ingredients of animal origin - Vegan
  • No talc or bismuth oxychloride - No talc or bismuth oxychloride. Talc is said to clog pores and dry out the skin. Bismuth oxychloride is a derivative of the metal bismuth. And is a potential skin irritant.
  • No parabens (Butylparaben, Ethylparaben, Methylparaben, Isobutylparaben and Propylparaben)
  • No harmful fillers - No skin-unfriendly/harmful fillers
  • No genetically modified ingredients - No genetically modified ingredients
  • No fragrances or color components of non-organic or synthetic origin - No artificial, synthetic fragrances or colorants
  • No anti-microbial agents produced from non-organic sources - No non-natural anti-microbial agents
  • No chelating agents based on EDTA and its salts - Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid -
    or derived salts. EDTA is a skin irritant and may also be harmful to your organs. Poorly degradable in the environment.
  • No fatty chain source material of petrochemical origin - no petrochemical (oil industry) fatty substances.
  • No sulphonation, ethoxylation or propoxylation - surfactants that are harmful to the environment
  • No alkyl sulphates (eg sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS), sodium coco sulphate, ammonium lauryl sulphate) - foaming agents, skin irritants. 'Strips' the natural protective layer from the skin, strips it of its natural protective moisture & oil layer. Associated with eye damage in children.
  • No alkyl ether sulphates ( eg sodium laureth sulphate (SLES), ammonium laureth sulphate) - see above
  • No polyethylene glycol (PEGS) - Affects the skin's natural moisture balance. May be contaminated with carcinogenic substances.
  • No polysorbates (eg polysorbate 20) - surfactant & emulsifier - helps to mix two substances that are normally difficult to mix -. Polysorbate is harmless. Polysorbate 20 is polysorbate treated with 20 parts ethylene oxide. This makes pollution with carcinogenic 1,4 dioxane a risk. Ethylene oxide is also an irritant to your body.
  • No ethanolamides (eg cocamide DEA, cocamide MEA) - chemically processed coconut oil. Harmful to your skin and possibly carcinogenic. DEA/MEA are synthetic solvents, disinfectants and cleaning agents. May be contaminated with Nitrosamine which is a carcinogen.
  • No chemically synthesized sunscreens - many synthetic sunscreens are harmful/irritating to your skin and even carcinogenic. Some promote pigment spots. As contradictory as this may sound.
  • No potentially harmful preservatives such as parabens.
  • No gluten or lactose

The products are super skin-friendly - almost all products are hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested; also for women who are allergic or sensitive to many regular cosmetic products. For people with a nut allergy: a number of products contain nut oil. All products are 'non-comedogenic'; they do not clog the pores. INIKA is recommended by Australian dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons for use after, for example, laser treatment, chemical peels or microdermabrasion.

What makes INIKA products special?

So far, INDISHA has not found purer loose mineral powder products than those from INIKA. Only the minerals, nothing else! With a beautiful effect too. The loose powder foundation also has a natural SPF 25 due to the zinc oxide in the product.

The INIKA mascara is so far the best pure vegan mascara that INDISHA has found. A waterproof mascara does not come in a pure version, but this mascara can take a shower without the mascara running out. And the fact that the brand was created from the founder's direct need for something that was not there.

Used by

Fans include Stella McCartney and Kate Richie.

More about INIKA

INIKA has already won more than 100 beauty awards, more than many non-organic brands! Awards for product excellence and innovation. The INIKA make up range is sold in more than 25 countries worldwide.

Other interesting facts

Within three months of INIKA founder Miranda Bond following the guidelines of the book "The Hormone Heresy" by holistic wellness guru Dr. Sherill Sellman followed, she was pregnant!

The guidelines; change your diet, avoid daily use products with chemicals - such as many cosmetic products - and use a natural progesterone cream. To restore the balance in the endocrine system.

And this after doctors had told her for years that there was no other solution for her endometriosis than surgery. After the birth of her daughter, she started giving workshops on Toxic Free Living and started the not for profit website www.thrivinghealthywomen.com.au Watch her Ted Talk

INIKA Make-up look

Popular YouTube make-up artist Heide Hamoud creates a vegan, cruelty-free make-up look with INIKA at the request of her followers

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