Facts & Figures
  • Bestaat sinds: 1967
  • Komt uit: Duitsland
  • Oprichters: dr Rudolf Hauschka & Elisabeth Sigmund

Dr. Hauschka Cosmetics

From nature for people

The Dr Hauschka history begins in 1935. That's when Dr. Rudolf Hauschka founded the WALA company and started the production of WALA medicines. In addition to these medicines, Rudolf Hauschka, together with the Swedish Elisabeth Sigmund, laid the foundation for Dr. Hauschka Cosmetics in 1967, after which the cosmetic line became increasingly important for WALA.

Dr.Hauschka Cosmetics are based on the principles of anthroposophical medicine and are composed of beneficial plants and natural ingredients that are produced using a rhythmic process developed by Rudolf Hauschka.

How pure is Dr Hauschka?

Very pure! For Dr Hauschka, clean beauty is not a trend, but tradition! Dr Hauschka gives back more to the earth than she takes from it. All ingredients that Dr Hauschka uses are natural. The vast majority are from organic or biodynamic cultivation or wild picking.

Products that come from far away are fair trade. Dr Hauschka has even set up a number of his own fair trade projects in Burkino Faso and Afghanistan, among others. Synthetic preservatives, fragrances or colorants, mineral oils (derived from petroleum and petroleum), parabens, silicones and PEGs are not used. Sustainability has been in Dr Hauschka's genes since its founding in 1935.

What makes Dr Hauschka special

The fact that the brand was one of the first pure cosmetics brands worldwide. Where sustainability is included in all business processes. The fact that Dr Hauschka makes very pure, effective, long-lasting products without synthetic preservatives.

Extracts are made using a special rhythmic process, so that they do not need to contain preservative alcohol: plants and herbs are exposed to heat and cold, darkness and light, rest and movement.

Well-known Dr Hauschka fans

Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lopez are some of the more famous fans of Dr Hauschka products.

Other interesting facts

At Dr Hauschka's head office in Germany there is an 11 hectare biological dynamic garden where some of Dr Hauschka's ingredients are grown.