Facts & Figures
  • Bestaat sinds: 1948
  • Komt uit: USA
  • Opgericht door: Emanuel Bronner

Dr. Bronner

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'We are All-One or None' was the motto that Dr. Bronner founder Emanuel Bronner, who came from a Jewish/German family, proclaimed on the labels of his ecological soaps from 1948 - after the Second World War. "We must be united regardless of religion or ethnicity." Today, Dr Bronners is still a family business that honors the founder's vision by making socially & environmentally friendly products of the highest quality. And by using the profit to ensure a better world for everyone. All One!

How pure is the dr Bronner line?
Very pure! And ethical. Only the purest organic and fair trade ingredients are used for the dr Bronner products. Most products are also vegan and with the same certification standard as applies to organic food. For every ingredient that is used, a natural alternative is sought for the synthetic ingredients used in mainstream cosmetics. No synthetic preservatives, no artificial foaming agents. Good for people, home and earth. What comes from the earth must be returned!

What makes Dr Bronner products special?
The philosophy that has been valid since 1948! Which is constantly being developed. And to which no concessions are made. Philosophy towards the customer is; Work from your heart, take your time and give the best you can. take care of your customer as you would take care of mother, son or daughter.

More about founder Emanuel Bronner
Emanuel Bronner has a soap maker training and a university degree in chemistry. The Bronner family has been making soap in Germany since 1880. Emmanuel was an activist. In 1929 he already clashed with his father about how to make the best soap and left for the USA. His parents' German company was nationalized by the Nazis in 1940. His parents died in a concentration camp. After the Second World War, Emanuel took to the streets in the USA to call on people to unite, while at the same time selling his peppermint soap.

Other interesting facts
The activist nature of Emanuel Bronner has always held the company. She is committed to and supports financially, causes they believe in. Such as circular agriculture, fair trade, animal rights, reform of the industrial hemp and drug policy and a living wage for everyone. Dr Bronner calls himself the 'fight soaping company'. She is committed and strategic to the causes they "fight" for,