Facts & Figures
  • Bestaat sinds: 2009
  • Komt uit: USA
  • Oprichters: o.a. Efrat Roman & Tovi Rigter



The perfect 100% pure nail polish for your toenails!

Did you know that regular nail polish was developed from 'the recipe' for car paint? 70 percent of paint consists of chemical solvents that are highly flammable and explosive? And most of them also harmful to people and the environment? These substances give the typical nail polish or nail polish remover smell. Acquarella is a high-quality lacquer that is really 100% pure. `Even purer than '24-free'. You could even drink the lacquer (it's just not tasty).

With water as solvent. And a layer of color that lets your nails breathe. Without questionable ingredients such as formaldehyde, phthalates, toluene or other petrochemical solvents. Without animal ingredients. Quick-drying and easy to apply. You smell the difference. No typical chemical nail polish or remover smell when you open a bottle, but practically no smell. The nail polish moisturizes the nails, protects them from chipping and yellowing. A base coat or top coat is not necessary.

Do the Conditioner cure
Because our nails are often not properly hydrated (due to washing and using soap, among other things) and Acquarella is different from all other nail polish, it is advisable to start with the 'Conditioner cure' before using it on the fingernails for the first time. It ensures that your nails are clean, hydrated and stronger. This way the nail polish will stay in place better. Practice shows that the cure is not necessary for use on the toenails .

What makes Acquarella special?
The water base, the fact that the varnish allows your nails to breathe, your nails do not turn yellow after using the varnish, only the highest quality safe dyes are used. The caring properties. And environmental friendliness.

More about the founders
Acquarella is an initiative of Cure Diva, a lifestyle online platform and webshop, founded by Efrat Roman and Tovi Rigler. To make life easier for other women with breast cancer, based on their own experience. There didn't seem to be a healthy nail polish on the market. Acquarella was launched on the market in collaboration with, among others, the founders of the Born Free BPA-free baby feeding bottle. The polish has been developed by a team of scientists and natural beauty experts.

Other interesting facts
Our experience is that the nail polish works perfectly for the toenails. For the fingernails we get varying reactions. With one the paint chips a bit faster than with the other.