INDISHA in campaign

You may have already heard a radio commercial, the above billboard along the A1 near Diemen or seen a social media, online advertising item or other message. Bol asked us to play a leading role in the new campaign as 1 of the 27,000 Bol partners. Together with 5 other entrepreneurs. A super fun experience!

The campaign went live on Monday 9 March. Bol literally wants to give its partners a face with the campaign. We are one of those partners. Super natural that we were asked by Bol for this. The aim of the campaign is to make more partners with a physical store enthusiastic about becoming a partner of Bol.

We sell the children's play make-up sets via In the Netherlands & Belgium. In order to convince even more people, play make up without using questionable ingredients. As an alternative to the less delicate products for children's delicate skin. After all, has a greater reach than we have now. Bol (of course) charges a fee for the sale of products via the platform.

The making of
Photo shoot & radio. Monday 25 February there was a photo shoot at Bol's head office in Utrecht. Which ended up taking almost all afternoon. I also recorded a radio commercial. Nice to do. And to taste the atmosphere at I noticed that the Bol employees involved in the campaign were all very enthusiastic about Bol as an employer. They thought it was great to be part of a company that is still growing and also trying out new directions. A lot of photos were shot, from which the above was finally chosen.

Clothing & Styling . You had to pass on your clothing and shoe size in advance. And pick out three sets yourself and take them with you for the photo shoot. Including shoes, The clothes not too black, not too white, no colorful patterns. I also had to bring products from the store for the photo. The beautiful green set I'm wearing on the billboard photo has been picked out for me by a friend who is a stylist. From the brand she works for. And if I could borrow for the shoot. I myself had hurriedly started looking for a pair of suitable shoes, because they have to look like new on the photo. In the end I wear shoes from the collection of the stylist who was at the photo shoot. Necklace and earrings in the picture are from Julia Otilia (necklace with pearl and Dancing Waves earrings). A make-up artist/hair stylist was also present at Bol. In addition, a whole team from Bol including a photographer and a number of people from the advertising agency DEPT who made the campaign.

When & where can the campaign be seen & heard?
The campaign will run this week (week of March 9) and if all goes well also a week later in the spring. Parts include:

  • Radio (Q-music, Radio 538, Radio 10, Sky Radio, Radio Veronica, Slam!, 100% NL, Sublime, Classic NL and ORN) - haven't you heard the commercial with INDISHA yet? Then listen to it here .
  • Social media (LinkedIn and Facebook)
  • Online banners
  • Outdoor advertising - billboards in Diemen (on the A1 from Amsterdam - we stand with the above image), Rotterdam, Utrecht and Zoetermeer.

Again - it was a super fun experience. And it still is now that the campaign is running. We get a lot of enthusiastic responses in store, online / social and from friends and family.

Of course we hope that the campaign will also contribute to making more people aware of our principle 'don't put on your skin, what you can't eat'. Because what you put on your skin, partly ends up in your body. So why not choose something so pure you could eat it? Very healthy. And more sustainable.