After Sun Care Tips for your skin - how to you keep your skin beautiful

After Sun Care Tips

Taking good care of your skin after being in the sun is super important to minimize any sun damage - even if your skin isn't burned! And keep your skin supple and soft. In addition to a tint, the sun also causes your skin to become drier. And produces free radicals that cause skin aging. If you are sunburned (no matter how light), good skin care ensures that you minimize damage.

For your skin, six essential tips to care for it after being in the sun:

Drinking water

Your skin gets drier from the sun. Drink plenty of water to hydrate your skin and body. This way you maintain your skin elasticity (your skin springs back if you stretch it a bit) and stimulate your skin recovery.

Alternating water with herbal tea is also possible. For example chamomile. It immediately protects your skin against free radicals. that are formed by the sun.

Hydrating mist

What is wonderful during hot days is a moisturizing mist for your face. It feels wonderfully refreshing. And nourishes and moisturizes.

Cool your skin

Aloe vera gel, chamomile tea compresses, cucumber slices, yogurt mask or a lukewarm bath or shower all help to cool your skin after a day in the sun. And to moisturize.

Aloe vera, chamomile or yogurt mask not only cool and moisturize, but also soften and restore your skin.

If you are burned, Aloe Vera Gel really works wonders.

Why a lukewarm bath or shower? Because it causes your pores to open and your skin to lose heat. A cold shower or bath closes your pores. And a shower or bath that is too hot will dry out your skin faster.


Use a moisturizing cream and/or after sun lotion twice a day. It cools, softens, replenishes moisture and ensures that your skin loses moisture less easily. And ensures that your tan lasts longer. Preferably choose a variant with one or more of the following ingredients:

  • Vitamins (A, E, C, B5) that protect your skin and partially negate the formation of free radicals by the sun. That prevents skin aging.
  • Hyaluronic acid that ensures that your skin retains moisture much better.
  • Ceramides. These provide a better skin barrier, so you lose less moisture. And your skin is better protected against outside intruders.
  • Urea. This ensures that your skin absorbs moisture better. And flakes disappear faster (if your skin peels).

A moisturizing mask once or twice a week gives your skin an extra (restorative) boost!

Be careful with alcohol

Alcohol dries out your skin. The sun does this too. That is double dehydration. And more likely to get a headache. In hot weather, alcohol also rises to your head faster. Try a mocktail instead of a cocktail. And if you do drink a glass, make sure you drink a few glasses of water with it.

Don't forget to clean

This way you remove leftover sunburn, sweat and dirt. And make sure your skin care is better absorbed. Use a mild cleaner. To remove leftover sunburn, 'double cleansing' can be useful. First, use an oil-based mild cleanser. And then remove the last remnants of 'dirt' with a mild cleaner based on water or aloe ver gel.

My favorite After Sun Care products

Abloom's Soothing Lotion is the Rescue Gel in our family! The basis of the Lotion is organic Aloe Vera Gel. It cools and restores the skin after the sun. If you treat burns with the Soothing Lotion, your skin will usually recover without scars! If one of us has problems with his ears due to sea water or swimming pool water, we drip some Soothing Lotion in it. Really helps! Because of the antibacterial and antiviral effect.

As an After Sun I really like the Dr Baumann SkinIdent After Sun Vitamin . The lotion spreads easily and absorbs quickly. And contains a very high concentration of active ingredients, including vitamins, to care for, hydrate and repair the skin. (NB: we can only show Dr Baumann products behind a password - send a chat message for more info)