As of June 1st we are website/shop & events only. So stopped the shop & salon in Bussum. For treatments you can still visit the salons of the specialists who have worked for us (see contact details later on this page). And we regularly organize a live event.

Jeanine, founder and owner of INDISHA (and most importantly - the expert in the field of pure cosmetics ingredients) is happy to help you with all your questions about pure, natural cosmetics products, product use or ingredients.

For product purchases you can visit 24 hours a day

Natural cosmetics expert

Do you have questions? Do you want advice? Contact us! We're happy to help. For over 11 years we have been an expert and pioneer in the field of truly pure, natural cosmetics brands. Jeanine (founder/owner) is a walking encyclopedia (or so our customers say) in the field of ingredients. And very strict when it comes to product purity. Because why rub something that your skin or body likes less, when there is a beautiful and effective pure alternative?

Jeanine checks all ingredients of a product before it enters our range (to each his hobby, this is mine ;-)). That saves you time and work. Especially in this time, when more and more brands claim that they are pure, but unfortunately often are not. Customers say of us 'I dare to buy my products blindly from you, because I know that all ingredients have been thoroughly checked.'

Specializations of our specialists

Want to look young(er) and radiant in a natural way? The specialists we work with are happy to welcome you for a skin-enhancing and relaxing facial, cosmetic acupuncture or Natural Face Lifting treatment (a step further than cosmetic connective tissue treatments), pedicure, sugaring or massage. You can also go for beautiful eyebrows (shaping, painting - also henna).


Meet the specialists who have worked for us and with whom we now work. Click on the website addresses below for more information about the therapists.

  • Esmee Ling : Spa Boutique Esmee . Facials, Cosmetic connective tissue, Natural Facelifting, Massages. Blaricumerweg 48 Naarden, 06 24 70 62 00.
  • Nancy Alosery - Carleo : 06 27 32 22 81. Facials, Natural Face Lifting, Massages.
  • Silvia Enter : Bean by Sylvia . Ayurvedic nutrition and lifestyle coach, Ayurvedic facials and massage. Lypossage. Van Kretschmar van Veenlaan 31, Hilversum. 06 451 233 91.
  • Mina Facials, Cosmetic Connective Tissue, Threading. Melkmeent 3A3 1218 XX Hilversum.
  • Franca van Kasteren : Franca van Kasteren . 06 205 703 05. dr Hauschka Therapist. Melkmeent 3A3 1218 XX Hilversum.
  • Roslyn Go : Ji Yuan Tang . Cosmetic acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine - specialist in gynecological and dermatological complaints. Rietwijkerstraat 40, Amsterdam, 06 24 10 46 56.
  • Lody Beauty Hilversum (waiting list for new customers). Pedicure, Sugaring, Threading, Manicure
  • Patricia van Pareren: Patricia's pedicure. Pedicure (also medical), Sugaring. Meerstraat 58, Naarden. 06 340 96 663.