Sprinkle with discounts because everyone does. Or raise the prices first and then give a discount, as we see a lot. That doesn't suit us. The brands we work with are mostly smaller niche brands. Who invest almost all their budget in the production of beautiful pure products. Brands that give back to the earth. And don't 'just' sprinkle with discounts.

Our Black Friday Deal

For every €50 you spend at INDISHA on Black Friday, INDISHA protects 1m2 of nature through Earth Today. In this way we give something extra back to nature, so that our brands also have sufficient raw materials in the future.

What is Earth Today?

Earth Today is an initiative started in spring 2021 by a group of leading entrepreneurs and public figures. From Jan Terlouw to rapper Typhoon. To accelerate nature conservation together. By making it possible for everyone to contribute in an accessible way to the goal that 50% of the earth is a protected area by 2050. A must for the preservation of sufficient nature, flora & fauna for future generations. This can be done very simply: For €1.20 you support 1m2 of nature conservation. You can follow projects that you support yourself.

1m2 nature conservation per €50 purchases

Via social media and the Beauty Update we let you know which nature conservation projects are supported with the proceeds of the Black Friday Deal. So that you can follow it yourself.

Donate yourself?

That is of course also possible. Go to Earth Today and donate per 5m2 to conservation.