Win an A Beautiful Story bracelet

We can give away three of these fair trade bracelets from A Beautiful Story, made in Nepal. Two Rosequartz & a Lapis Lazuli. Do you want to win one? For yourself or to give away?

  • Go to our Facebook or Instagram page from Saturday 3 April.
  • Comment on the A Beautiful Story giveaway post with a message why you need a Lapis Lazuli or Rosequartz stone or - if you want to give the bracelet away - why the person you want to give the bracelet to could use one of these two stones .
  • You can submit your response up to and including Wednesday 7 April 8 pm. Thursday 8 April we will let you know if you are one of the three lucky winners.

    Meaning of the gems

    • Lapis Lazuli: Friendship | Connection | Honesty. Wear this stone to feel connected to the people you love.
    • Rosequartz: Love | Harmony | Friendliness. Wear this stone to feel love for yourself. And for others. We tend not to be so nice to ourselves. Rosequartz helps you to be this more often.

    About A Beautiful Story

    A Beautiful Story co-creates with jewelery workshops in Nepal. To create as many fair trade jobs in Nepal as possible. And in this way to provide the employees in Nepal with a roof over their heads, and to give them access to education and care in case of illness. In the workshops, jewelry is still made in a traditional way, by hand!

    Beautiful Stories

    Where people are, you hear stories.
    We tell, invent, twist, forget.
    Where there are people, stories come naturally.
    In one ear, out the other.
    But what we remember are not the words.
    Not the jewels of sentences.
    But the deeds behind it.
    Because a story that stays with you is a story that does something.

    A beautiful story grabs you. Shakes you awake.
    Shows the way. Lift you up.
    We are convinced of the power of stories.
    Because in a world full of counterfeit and plastic, it's the beautiful stories that keep us together.
    Beautiful stories are shared, preserved and famous.
    And nobody stops them.

    A good story shows that anything is possible.
    If you dare to start.
    If you just believe in it.
    If you just keep going.
    And above all, don't be afraid to adjust your plans again.

    Let's tell each other a story every day,
    A story that stays with you, A Beautiful Story.

    Read more about A Beautiful Story here